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​Welcome to my psychic reading review! Hello my name is Amber I am going to tell you a little bit about myself, I have been scammed by so called psychics many times that I created a website called psychic readings review now I a putting psychics to the test.

I have tried many places to get a good psychic reading Liveperson, Keen, psychic source, California psychics, and USA psychics they have some fakes psychics on their website but also have some that are very well gifted it was a hit and mess.

Here are some more places that I have tried eBay, Etsy, Webstore, and egate market these website are not known for psychic readings but they have sellers listing that they can give psychic readings on their websites none that I have tried was real just scams.

I have only found 2 real psychic reading websites Psychic Readings Line and Bidurway.

1, Psychic Readings Line:

Psychic Readings Line is a real psychic reading website unlike other psychic reading websites all of their psychics have to be tested before they can join their team, all that I have tried on Psychic Readings Line website is very well gifted.

If you like to get a real psychic reading or would like to take a look at Psychic Readings Line website just go to /

2, Bidurway:

Bidurway is an online auction website like eBay but what sets this website apart from all of the other auction website is you can bid, trade, buy, and sell anything for free pay and get paid the way you want too, they have many payment gateways you can use for free.

Every psychic that I have got a reading from on Bidurway is the real deal.

Here is Bidurway website address /

I truly hope this information helps you.

Good Luck!

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