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A teen girl makes ex convict mad so he snaps and can't control himself again. He rapes and strangles her.

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One of those blurred out hentai cocks

One of those blurred out hentai cocks +9 points1886 days ago

I'd keep her dead body and keep fucking her over and over. I'd damn sure fuck that throat. Reply Report

wetandtight +8 points1857 days ago

Of course it's fake.. Reply Report
I will rape u

I will rape u +5 points1650 days ago

I would take her to my house and fuck her even more Reply Report

bastard +4 points1886 days ago

fake or not it is great fun Reply Report
Snuff Queen

Snuff Queen +2 points1885 days ago

How the hell do you know what I have and haven't posted? I didn't say it was fake, other than to point out "Of course it's not real, dumbass." Are you a dumbass too? I think you are. Reply Report
Freaky Freak

Freaky Freak +2 points1880 days ago

Great fun! Of course it isn't real, but freaky is freaky! And I love FREAKY!
Reply Report

Pedobearlovemepleaseim15 +2 points1337 days ago

Damn...first time watching a porn with strangling..nope nope I prefer just rape haha.. Reply Report

Duh +2 points761 days ago

And now you know to avoid videos with a snuff tag don't you. Reply Report
Sam Green

Sam Green +1 points1877 days ago

I doubt it`s real not with the man showing his face so clearly Reply Report
No Kidding

No Kidding +2 points1165 days ago

The lights, camera, oundtrack, etc. are a bit of a giveaway. Do you also yell "Fake!" at hollywood blockbuster movies in theatres? Reply Report

blackVELVET +1 points1876 days ago

whats his name?
Reply Report

umm +1 points1728 days ago

them jeans tho
Reply Report

Bigkokboi +1 points1483 days ago

Love how she was choking herself as daddy was taking her from the back and the view of cum dripping down her crack at the end. Very hot. Reply Report

fghjkmnbvc +1 points532 days ago

right way to start the day. jacking off to rape and murder. Reply Report

web   0 points1857 days ago

thats not right killing her the rape ok Reply Report

dangerdan   0 points1821 days ago

how to tell if a video is fake
1: Terrible acting
2: The murderer shows his face
3: Cameras are there getting all sorts of angles before it even starts and even more angles while its happening
Reply Report

SecretPowers +2 points1047 days ago

Well, 2 doesn't mean anything, they do all the time.
But spot on for the rest. Cameraman pre-positioned is a dead giveaway. Now just need to stop having them all go with the faux snuff ending. I'd like my date alive please.
Reply Report

mayaclitlindeassfuvkgog   0 points820 days ago

Fuck my ugly gaping cunt and knock me up. I'm a fat ugly gaping cunt whore. Fuck me rough. Reply Report

anonymousperson   0 points1234 days ago

the lack of petechial hemorrhaging was a clear give away that the strangulation was not real. Reply Report

Wow   0 points1507 days ago

I have that same bucket omg Reply Report

olympus   0 points1256 days ago

i love it when he fucks his daughter
Reply Report

Iceman33   0 points1026 days ago

I actually felt sorry for the girl. Even if she was cute as hell. Reply Report
Nobody 5

Nobody 5   0 points698 days ago

Neat Reply Report
Nobody agsin

Nobody agsin   0 points698 days ago

Wow Reply Report

Fake -5 points1886 days ago

It's funny how fake Reply Report
no shit

no shit +1 points1884 days ago

yeah, no shit dumbass, it is fake, wow, how stupid. Reply Report
Snuff Queen

Snuff Queen +3 points1886 days ago

Of course it's fake! I thought she did an okay job, although her eyes were too focused at the end. Reply Report
Oh well

Oh well +3 points1885 days ago

Funny how the bitches that say, "FAKE" never post anything Snuff Queen, yes? Reply Report