Searching For Shit With His Big Toe

Bitch gets a foot in her asshole while she takes a shit in the bathtub. If you though a bath was for getting yourself clean, think again! The color of the water suggests they've been going at it like this for quite a while lol.

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wtfmate +10 points1769 days ago

nasty as fuck not to mention the stank in that room Reply Report

stuffpost +2 points1769 days ago

she's in her period and the guy can't found better to do? seriously? Reply Report

olgascatmom +2 points1745 days ago

mmm... very good whore Reply Report

xtreme +1 points1766 days ago

a fun game, will try it Reply Report

DoDirty -1 points1768 days ago

Just call him shitty foot!! Reply Report

Coolant -3 points1767 days ago

Waste - get your cock up there and fuck the bitch, nice ass that and she needs cum up there too! Reply Report

manatee -4 points1766 days ago

glad i aint got to smell it/how does he get his foot up in that gorgeous blonde/ashamed to say this turned me on//something in a weird way sexy/had chicks poop when they came/and got a nugget one time lickin bum/but this is wild Reply Report

Lalabell7 -5 points1766 days ago

So, they finally have come up the technogy to bring Hitler back to life... And this is how he spends his time?! Well, better than killing Jews I guess .-. Reply Report