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Wife gets abducted and raped in forest before being stabbed to death and raped again.

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Wow +7 points1723 days ago

This was horrible, I regret seeing that. Reply Report

Agreed -2 points560 days ago

wow Reply Report

ashleygreene +6 points895 days ago

I masturbated to this, I simply do not give a fuck Reply Report
Lídia Cavalcante

Lídia Cavalcante -1 points149 days ago

@ashleygreene You must be mentally ill. Disgusting. Reply Report

Black_fang -2 points202 days ago

@ashleygreene Well, looks like we both have something in common. Reply Report

Ms.Raven +1 points220 days ago

@ashleygreene girl same Reply Report

EthanChod   0 points300 days ago

@ashleygreene Really?? Reply Report
White Knight Central

White Knight Central +5 points1503 days ago

Can all of the white knights keep their shit to themselves? You're wanking off into this one pool of keyboard warriorhood. Like you'd do shit about it if you came across it. Even if you did, you'd get fucked up and gutted like an idiot. Besides, this is fucking Heavy-R ffs. What the fuck do you expect to be here. All of the rape and gore is fake. You faggots come here to jack off anyhow, so you're probably typing with one hand, and holding your cock with another. And how didn't you know this video is so sick with the descriptions being quite clear, and the tags practically plastered on the left side of the page? You're either blind, or you just come to rant like a jackass, so that you could look like such good guys. Keep your shit in the form of a soliloquy and fuck off. Reply Report

jarrad +4 points1747 days ago

This is not good take this shit off of here fucking cunts this is sick i lost my boner now i cant wank because that was just sad and disgusting Reply Report

FuckYouYouDisturbingBastarfs +3 points1741 days ago dare they Reply Report

jonny17 +4 points1659 days ago

not real, movie is called Chaos, 2005 Reply Report

jonny17 +2 points1659 days ago

I still don't get why they made this, cuz i don't buy that 'art' bullshit, this is just fucked up Reply Report

bolivar +2 points1604 days ago

even if it's only a video and they are actors this is really for sick people! how can you find exciting the death!! a bad illness.. Reply Report

areyouforreal +2 points1341 days ago

its from a movie , who filmed the other girl who got away ? Reply Report

c.66 +2 points1281 days ago

fucking disgusting, should be removed off the site Reply Report
The Batman

The Batman +1 points1656 days ago

I Actually Agreed that it Schould be Destroyed. Reply Report

Hmmm +1 points138 days ago

This was hilarious, these are all actors, if you think for one second that this is real you're stupid as hell. Also, dont click on a fucking video called "snuff Rape porn" and expect it to NOT contain some disturbing shit. Yall are pussies Reply Report

Ewwwwww   0 points437 days ago

This is fucked up Reply Report

lAW AND ORDER   0 points1720 days ago

There pictures have been sent to the FBI Reply Report
Sean Douglas

Sean Douglas -11 points773 days ago

Fuck you loser. Women are pieces of shit. Reply Report

asdf   0 points1659 days ago

asdf Reply Report
greg daniels

greg daniels   0 points1639 days ago

i thought it was hot and satisfied me 3 x, i wanted to eat his ass as he fucked her lifeless body, mmmmmmmmmmm fucking hot Reply Report

. +4 points1623 days ago

You are sick as fuck. Reply Report

SMF   0 points1368 days ago

Would love to smell her cunt and ass Reply Report
Yo yo

Yo yo   0 points671 days ago

yo bro yes was fucking disgusting man this shit should not be on here Reply Report

bluray   0 points127 days ago

they should also eaten her boobs while fucking, a delicious meat Reply Report
Stop this

Stop this   0 points990 days ago

....... Reply Report
Amazing. This is such a terrible video

Amazing. This is such a terrible video   0 points545 days ago

At first you thought this was a normal video. But when you get to the disturbing part. You regret it. Reply Report

D:   0 points304 days ago

D: best thing to do if your being raped is act like you like it and make the person warm up to you so the person trusts you and the person falls asleepor somthing you run away if u in the forest or use your fingers and stab the person in the eyes Reply Report

D: SADNESS   0 points304 days ago

Poor girl! why would you cut her nipple off!!!!! That really hurt i bet and then you stab her? How cold are you. I SWEAR IF I BECOME PRESIDENT (wich is never) IM ENDING ALL RAPIST. Reply Report

Lily33   0 points169 days ago

I want to be raped and killed Reply Report
The raper

The raper   0 points163 days ago

@Lily33 Ok bro
Reply Report
Lídia Cavalcante

Lídia Cavalcante   0 points149 days ago

Rape is not okay not even if it is a fantasy. I'm going to report this video and demand that this video be shut down. Sorry about my bad english. I'm from Brazil. Reply Report
Love it

Love it -1 points1655 days ago

Dayum that was amazing, broke through the tissue. Reply Report

teddy -1 points1751 days ago

wish i was there to hit that hole !! Reply Report

oy -1 points1615 days ago

haramzday kuty go to the hell man you are very very very kuti ka bacha saly Reply Report

Jhhhh -1 points414 days ago

This is disgusting Reply Report

Ayylien -2 points1231 days ago

I'm ashamed I watched this. It's put me off of snuff porn completely. Reply Report

Vicki -4 points1755 days ago


jarrad -3 points1747 days ago

Yes they do those mother fucker Reply Report
Bitch Nugget

Bitch Nugget -4 points1751 days ago

this doesn't seem real to me but the stuff on bestgore is! Reply Report

aawasda -5 points1692 days ago

This is real? it's ilegal, don't should be here ! Reply Report