Drunk Teen Crempied In Her Sleep

Drunk teen passed out at a stranger's party; as soon as everybody else left though, he took his cam and filmed himself pulling her panties off and fucking her ass gently until cuming in her and giving her an anal creampie

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Tyco +112 points1426 days ago

Who's the retard that made the title of the video. Reply Report

carl -15 points1416 days ago

the same retard who has a very specific fantasy it seems Reply Report

Melissa +31 points1415 days ago

For people not understanding @Tyco's comment, the video's title was originally "Cum in his ass", until it got edited. Reply Report

geo8x6 +12 points1426 days ago

that guy has a pussy! LMAO! Reply Report

Nakedlesbian +10 points1414 days ago

Lol... If the retard is going to rape her in her sleep, the least he could do is fuck her in her pussy. Reply Report

pitchbreeder +2 points762 days ago

I totally agree, rape is for nutting in the pussy Reply Report

FuckHerHarder +9 points1348 days ago

He needs to roll her on her stomach and fill her whore pussy with cum Reply Report
do nasty things to you

do nasty things to you +8 points820 days ago

when i was young i had a friend i took her to a party she got drunk and passed out in the guys bed we left her there thinking she would be safe after we left her fucked her she woke up but was to drunk to stop him she told me the next day she did,nt report him so i started getting her passed out drunk every so often and fucking her she must of liked it because she never said anything about the cum in her the next day and she kept hanging out with me and getting drunk and getting fucked Reply Report
Analy G

Analy G +4 points1382 days ago

Damm i would like someone did it to mee Reply Report
L Man

L Man +4 points1200 days ago

Sure.......call me when you passed out drunk Reply Report

Creampie101 +4 points759 days ago

Great video! I want her after he's done with her! I'm fucking her pussy though. I might stick it in her ass to get it wet but it's going in her pussy to bust my nut! I would love to be walking by and find her exactly like that! Laying there passed out with no panties on and cum dripping out of her! Just knowing that someone had just fucked her just minutes before and she was passed out and didn't even know would be a tremendous turn on and I would have to fuck her too! Reply Report
drunk cum dump

drunk cum dump +3 points324 days ago

Men have every right to a drunk womans body. By getting drunk she is consenting to every man there jizzing deep inside her over and over. I love getting drunk at parties and being used like a fuck doll. Reply Report

Stroy +2 points1416 days ago

would have like to have seen more of this !!!!!!!!!!!
Reply Report

LOL -8 points1415 days ago

Unless your gay that's a guy getting ass fucked. Reply Report
Hey Retard

Hey Retard +2 points566 days ago

You didn't notice that "guy" has a pussy? Reply Report

tehpole01 +1 points1415 days ago

reminds me of a whore name cassandra!! Reply Report

Jake +1 points1257 days ago

How many time are you going to change the title of the video, and the description Reply Report
Major Woody

Major Woody +1 points740 days ago

This is how I want to pump both of my sister in laws although I'd probably want to put them on their stomachs first Reply Report
Major Woody

Major Woody +1 points740 days ago

This is how I want to pump both of my sister in laws although I'd probably want to put them on their stomachs first Reply Report

frankw265   0 points1416 days ago

Taking it in the ass while passed out, nice. Reply Report

tito456   0 points115 days ago

Very Nice Reply Report

Pooobear   0 points570 days ago

Mate you should get ya dick checked it don't look too healthy. Reply Report
Name withheld

Name withheld -1 points487 days ago

I did this to a couple girls in college, except I was in the pussy. Busted in the one, and she had an abortion a month or two later. Sorry 'bout that, shouldn't have tried to outdrink me on whisky.
Statute of limitations hasn't run out yet...
Reply Report

Fuckfacemcgee -2 points1356 days ago

Thats an hairy ass Reply Report

Etf -3 points1415 days ago

I guess thats a guy with a pussy XD Reply Report

Youfukingsonofabitch -3 points1401 days ago

I feel dirty I thought it was a girl wtf Reply Report
Look at the pussy fucktard

Look at the pussy fucktard   0 points1201 days ago

See above^ Reply Report

precumdaddy -4 points1416 days ago

Good stuff....i would have licked it up afterward mmmmmm Reply Report

gino -14 points1424 days ago

whos the retard watching and wondering Reply Report