Cute Girl has Massive Diarrhea

Cute girl is shitting giant pile of turds all over the floor for your entertainment.

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G +59 points1337 days ago

It's like a soft serve ice cream Reply Report

ya +11 points1327 days ago

i would have shoved my cock in there while she was shitting make me cum so fucking hard Reply Report

jannybh +8 points1339 days ago

Such a waste makes me sad; she could almost suffocate a p ig under this so fine. Reply Report

bigcumload +8 points1338 days ago

beautiful,beautiful,just beautiful!!! Reply Report

pig_sammi +7 points1333 days ago

How can one person make so much shit? Reply Report

manleyalexis +6 points1269 days ago

would love to be under a toilet seat with her shitting and farting on me. Reply Report

xtreme +5 points1339 days ago

warm, soft, tasty shit Reply Report

hot +5 points1327 days ago

I would love to cum on her face while she was taking a shit. Reply Report

fu +5 points1327 days ago

fart? more like explosion. Reply Report

c +5 points826 days ago

how is that possible... that is the hugest shit Reply Report

simon +3 points1339 days ago

OMG....if only I was there to smell this for about a hundred hours !.......then slide my cock into her shitty arsehole. Reply Report
shit eater

shit eater +3 points1338 days ago

I'd eat all of it Reply Report

Anonymous +3 points1334 days ago

Love to fuck her and eat tht
Reply Report

Joe +3 points1311 days ago

My girlfriend loaded her skinny jeans like that once at the mall! lot
My girlfriend loaded her skinny jeans like that at the mall once! Way more exciting in pants and in public!

Reply Report

scatman54 +2 points1327 days ago

mmmm such a load, would have been great in a diaper or on my face, and ya, such a waist on the floor Reply Report

Britguy69 +2 points1327 days ago

She would look sooooo sexy in just a diaper....I can imagine snogging her while she slowly fills it, then she lies on a bed, I undo it, and feel her hot poo on my balls as I slide my dick in her pussy :) Reply Report

tree +1 points1315 days ago

I don't think that's gonna fit in a diaper! Reply Report

Britguy69 +1 points1262 days ago

It would be fun to be with her if she tried it though :) Reply Report

Geo +2 points1081 days ago

It's not fake, go to the joyangeles website for more videos. Reply Report

Darius +1 points1114 days ago

The guy filling is to nervous Reply Report
barry smith

barry smith +1 points500 days ago

i would love to eat that tasty meal Reply Report

dirtyslutboy   0 points1339 days ago

Only if my cock was there instead Reply Report

nascarman   0 points1327 days ago

mmmmmm yummy I want some Reply Report

gdfg   0 points1138 days ago

its like chocolate soft serve ice cream, in fact it's enough to drown in Reply Report

v-man   0 points1096 days ago

So hot and I farted right when she did Reply Report

Yummy   0 points864 days ago

It is definitely not diarrhea; more like chocolate toothpaste. Reply Report

wyld1   0 points251 days ago


Reply Report

Poopdeck   0 points480 days ago

So sexy.Would love to smear that shit all over her tits and thighs,then fuck her shitty arse. Reply Report

anonymous -1 points1339 days ago

Well now I'm hungry Reply Report

Joan -1 points1326 days ago

wet your hunger and take solace by seeing it agan Reply Report
This is shit

This is shit -2 points1326 days ago

In your face ... Reply Report

oldkinkyboy -2 points611 days ago

First of all - this is a fake-shit!
2nd the quality is so bad, that it's not worth to talk about!
3rd over all downturnng
Reply Report

nerved -14 points1327 days ago

Is this fucking side only about that scat'n'piss shit anymore!? Reply Report

lol -16 points1327 days ago

FAKE no one can shit that much in one go Reply Report

Spider +8 points1326 days ago

How is this fake??? You can see it all the way that turds are going out from her asshole! Reply Report

DOM -22 points1326 days ago

Such a Bad fake!!! Why You dont see the cuts After every turd?! Bitch please!! Reply Report