Mom And Daughter Raped

Mom and daughter went to check out a house for rent. Seeing it was open, they just entered for a look. One at a time, they were both caught unaware and were handcuffed and gagged next to each other. The dude then strips off their clothes and rapes both of them.

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disappointed +56 points1576 days ago

ugh no sex Reply Report

lolz +17 points1564 days ago

can't tell who's the mom :) Reply Report
mother fucker!

mother fucker! -4 points720 days ago

love to put my hard penis in mother,s mouth make her suck it forcing down her throat untill she gags, then comb in her mouth Reply Report
contract mother fucking

contract mother fucking -3 points719 days ago

I want the mother in the wrap around dress, two ties behold lace brar expose her bare tits remove the thong explain the plan I have for her now naked body show my large,erect,hard throbbing penis .Explain you are bare and naked in an empty house alone about to be raped by a guy with a 10 inch erect penis nothing you can do. soon you will know the feel of 10 inchs slowly going deeper each thrust driving me further deeper into that mature vagina,I bet you 20mins hard,fast,fucking in your mature wet twat will bring you to a climax my monster cock still inside you...start again for a second climax 15 mins this time? how many time am I going rape you? as many times, as I wish. when I feel randy I.fuck you again ? mature women struggle against being raped, why? you can,t win if I want to fuck you I will. how many times have you climaxed before I fucked you with my monster cock? you could suck and masturbate my cock making it big and erect ,hard enough rape you once again.....yes? Reply Report

MoneyMan +7 points1576 days ago

That Rachel Steele in blue bra. Reply Report

caretaker -3 points692 days ago

rachel explain to mum.once i,ve stripped her to her panties.I will show you both the erection that will rape! you both? I hope your mother can take all my 10 inchs? What about you miss steele, ten inchs to the hilt,3inch girth. bet you don,t walk into a empty house mother,s dress. pull to undo 2 tapes open dress front just black lace brar and ,panties to remove.your mother,s naked.see her struggle as I first rape her...then your turn Rachel same penis used to rape you both. can,t wait to get my hands on your big breasts Rachel 44inchs? I am going to make you both climax even if I have to rape you again.and again Reply Report
enjoy sharing a penis with your mother

enjoy sharing a penis with your mother -1 points718 days ago

rachel I take it you have had a ten inch penis ,but not youir mother?care to tell her what it feels like. can you feel every inch of the rapist,s erect penis slipping inside your tight dry cunt forced inch by inch as the rapist thrust deeper the movment increases in speed faster deeper in and out the pain, the size of the penis fucking you even deeper,how long before you comb rachel? how long will it take me to fuck your mother into a climax? hear her panting for breath see her back arch, legs stiffenleg go limp comb juices trickling down her inner thighs.getting the picture mother? pull my still hard erect penis of out of rachel to rape her mother again your vagina swollen,sore bleeding painfull ready for rape again ,yes? five or six rapes a day if I am randy you both fuck! Reply Report
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ten inch dave virgin fucker!   0 points720 days ago

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Meh +4 points1550 days ago

The girls were hot but there was no sex Reply Report
not mother and daughter

not mother and daughter +3 points1563 days ago

This was not posted as mother and daughter Reply Report
the mother fucker is back!

the mother fucker is back!   0 points719 days ago

I just want the mother unwraped brar and thog removed show her my erect penis waiting to penetrate her vigina when I rape her. Watch her struggle with 10 inches, mature women can take this size? raped two or three times.Time to find out? Reply Report
mature woman rapist

mature woman rapist -1 points720 days ago

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funbarbie3   0 points1563 days ago

right you are!!! Reply Report
mother fucker

mother fucker -2 points720 days ago

women do stupid things walk down a alley out of sight to pee,I followed time to pull her skirt up above her waist and pull her pantie down around her ankles.caught you lady don,t attempt to pull your panties up I want them off completly keep your skirt above your waist noboby to help you or see what I am doing to you cast your eyes on my erect penis3inchs girth by 10 inches long you are about to be raped with it ,your bare arse against the wall legs parted time to see you take my 10inch erection all the way 10mins fast hard fucking to make you cumb! Reply Report

No +3 points1563 days ago

There's sex, it's just fake and boring Reply Report
black rapist

black rapist +3 points1530 days ago

there was barely any action
Reply Report

lol +2 points1490 days ago

name movie? torrent? blonde girl? anything search? Reply Report

men +2 points1485 days ago

name movie??? Reply Report

aaa +2 points1399 days ago

keri lynn Reply Report

Name? +2 points1088 days ago

What is the brunette's name? Reply Report
two women one penis rapes both...........

two women one penis rapes both........... +1 points314 days ago

it will not take long just strip them both naked. then let mother watch daughter being raped and her cry for help. listen to her screams. see her struggle with a 10 inch erection raping her daughter then tell mother she is next remove her lace panties and rape her with the same 10 inch penis still wet with daughters vagina juices. Reply Report

MADE ME CUM +1 points938 days ago

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Tee tee

Tee tee   0 points598 days ago

Can I get some of that good dad sick
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day three raped eight times five times my cock mad

day three raped eight times five times my cock mad   0 points608 days ago

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find   0 points1451 days ago

who found the video? pls? Reply Report
I,ll be back don,t dress

I,ll be back don,t dress   0 points483 days ago

first mother wrists tied helpless,next join us mother wrists tied daughter ball gaged daughter bare breasts exposed,mother stripped black lace brar off bare breasts exposed to toutch now mother your panties come off let me see your bare vagina Yes ! now your daughter,s bare vagina are you watching, your daughter being "raped"ten inchs up to the hilt .Will you manage ten inchs mother? first time you have see your mother raped before you ? may be your daughter fucked again on coutch watch her struggle to take ten inchs In fact mother I am going to rape you again,may be your both naked, your daughter is a nice tight vagina to fuck .........Yes? Reply Report
mother,s and daughter,s erection has arrived....

mother,s and daughter,s erection has arrived....   0 points480 days ago

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Stupid women get caught and raped   0 points611 days ago

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same place same two women fucked yet again...

same place same two women fucked yet again...   0 points480 days ago

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night shift duty

night shift duty   0 points289 days ago

first I will remove mothers dress. undo ties to expose her black lace bra .next her lace panties, pull down around her ankles then taken off. Now the daughter remove her top, let mother watch you remove her bra see you handle her bare breasts. now let daughter watch you group her mothers bare breasts. let her watch you finger fuck mother,s vagina. time to remove daughter, s shorts and show both women your erect penis. ask mother if she can manage a 10inch penis? now slip it between daughter, s bare thighs, and rape her first. now part mother,s bare thighs all the full 10inchs. up to the hilt hurt mother make her scream. now rape the daughter again deep penetration all the way make her scream louder than her mother .ask mother is she ready to fuck again, same as before only harder deeper, ask how much of your ten inch penis can she take? only this time you both will climax with my erection inside both of you. I am surprised mother you did, not climax with 10inchs fucking you. both of you will climax next time. or I will keep on raping both of you until you do how many rapes can you both take, three or four even five or six times am sure I could manage to fuck you six times could you last with out climaxing Reply Report

dunsum   0 points944 days ago

Dear funbarbie3, I like your approach here but some things to keep in mind here. Both these ladies have those "too big" implants common in porn stars with low self esteem. You need to cast women with more normal looking bodies. Also, we need to see some sort of penetration. We know he's fuckin' 'em but in what hole? And, of course, we do need a cum shot. Not for nothing is it referred to as the "Money Shot!" Keep posting these. You're on the right track. Reply Report
rent a cock.....

rent a cock.....   0 points561 days ago

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empty house party fucking both mother and daughter

empty house party fucking both mother and daughter   0 points584 days ago

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You walk in not expecting to find, a ten inch erec

You walk in not expecting to find, a ten inch erec   0 points648 days ago

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rent a cock.con uk   0 points585 days ago

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many rapes makes woman cumb.....Yes?

many rapes makes woman cumb.....Yes?   0 points585 days ago

first mother,then daughter,must see you both naked,look mum your daughter all most ready,, but you first mum I need you bare from head to toes.first remove the brar now just remove mother,s panties,now you ready,for what I have in mind your rape,before your daughter,let her see mother being its daughters turn. waiting naked ready to be raped with,same ten inch penis used to fuck her mother,very soon she will feel the same ten inchs being used to rape her.I like having both mother, and daughter striped ready to rape as I please. you ready mother again, see if my ten inch cock can make you both climax? Reply Report
once again mother and daughter raped together

once again mother and daughter raped together   0 points584 days ago

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big davey

big davey   0 points584 days ago

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big davey

big davey   0 points584 days ago

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big bad davey

big bad davey   0 points584 days ago

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naughty davey

naughty davey   0 points583 days ago

what will you look like striped naked daughter I,ll help you remove your brar let them hang free now the skirt and panties off I want to see your bare vagina exposed.mother your turn,brar off bare your breasts,now your throng you will not need that exposeyour mature vagina, so I can finger you or slip my erect penis inside you to fuck you when i please.rub are about to share the same penis length10inchs girth 3 inchs used to rape both you then your mother. daughter can watch me rape your mother first,watch her struggle with a 10inchs erection hear her scream,s. then you daughter on your back bare thighs spread wide. you will feel each one of the ten inchs enter your tight vagina I will take my time raping you mother you can watch me fucking your daughter hear her scream,s each thrust my penis going deeper. then your mother again. let her see you being held down to rape a second time let her hear your crys to stop.then your daughter again a third time rape.could go on all night Reply Report
mother first daughter next

mother first daughter next   0 points582 days ago

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I want to fuck this woman

I want to fuck this woman   0 points582 days ago

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note mother could take enough cock for two!

note mother could take enough cock for two!   0 points581 days ago

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caretaker   0 points370 days ago

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good enoughhfor both

good enoughhfor both   0 points95 days ago

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ever hard   0 points70 days ago

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hole-in-wall   0 points49 days ago

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still hanging around to be fucked?

still hanging around to be fucked? -1 points566 days ago

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piss off

piss off -2 points1564 days ago

fuck!!! Reply Report

Michael -7 points1396 days ago

Let God convict these men of rape, send the cops across their path, in Jesus mighty name, amen! Reply Report

Nitsche   0 points1392 days ago

there is no God Reply Report
virgin taker??????

virgin taker??????   0 points721 days ago

god help me is no good, when your striped naked about to be" Raped",streatched with a10inch erect penis,your about to be fuck!....... Reply Report
mother fucker!

mother fucker!   0 points720 days ago

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vigin taker

vigin taker   0 points721 days ago

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ten inch dave virgin fucker! -1 points720 days ago

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vigin taker and mother fucker

vigin taker and mother fucker +1 points721 days ago

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housebreaker virgin taker   0 points645 days ago

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