Titty Blonde Raped In Shower

Hot blonde babe with a great pair of big tits is having a shower peacefully when a stranger approaches her from behind and puts her to sleep with some chloroform. Once shes unconcious, she is bound and her mouth is covered carefully - and the rape begins after.

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lolsex +53 points1767 days ago

Sexy tits Reply Report

Melissa +6 points1755 days ago

With the humming like that, she deserved to be raped. Reply Report

Random +6 points1714 days ago

Who is she? Reply Report
SHE IS....

SHE IS....   0 points1711 days ago


Wrong +3 points1560 days ago

He wants to rape her in real life Reply Report

O_o +5 points1420 days ago

Oh my god thats my cousin... Reply Report

guestfn +5 points532 days ago

name of chick? hoping she has more than this garbage Reply Report

Heather +1 points1751 days ago

she wakes up totally on the cock! Reply Report
shower gel?

shower gel? +1 points503 days ago

soon with the aid of chloroform I will be able to do as I like with your naked body touch your nice big bare breasts squease your hard nipples touch you between your legs finger your wet vagina. and gagg more just tie your wrists and gag your mouth don,t want you screaming for help I just want you awake. when i expose my self to you so you see my full erect 10 inch penis waiting to fuck you Yes lady I am about to rape you so struggle all you like but you will take the full 10 inchs up to the hilt in your tight vaginal passage for as long as it takes you to reach an orgasm with my penis still deep inside you fucking you through it..........enjoy it I enjoyed raping a naked lady like you I would do it again Reply Report

fuckoffU +1 points261 days ago

Can't blame the poor guy - would have done the same if I ended up in shower. Probably would have spent at least one hour sucking her tits and then hopefully taken her up the ass. Was abit short and sweet and clearly a busty beauty waiting to be taken advantage of. Reply Report

sylar2013   0 points1765 days ago

absolutely amazing video :) any more like this would be grealty appreciated XD Reply Report

Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck   0 points262 days ago

, . - “ Reply Report
I live in New York on 5 street

I live in New York on 5 street   0 points528 days ago

That is so dum tho Reply Report

  0 points421 days ago

Kind of ridiculous. No one here can say otherwise. But nonetheless, still pretty hot, and surprisingly good acting. The dude actually looked serious, and the girl never smiled or looked at the camera or anything. Thanks. Reply Report
shower attenndantant

shower attenndantant   0 points318 days ago

save me time stripping her let her wake up see and feel my large erection fucking her Am I hurting you? never taken a 10 inch penis before because you are taking one right now and you can,t stop me fucking you the more you struggle the harder I will shag you keep still while I cumm inside you Reply Report

hgfkghk   0 points286 days ago

jgfkhglkj Reply Report

sgshv   0 points149 days ago

Kathleen White Reply Report

dumcumpster   0 points148 days ago

Why was she wearing a pearl necklace in the shower? Reply Report
Reminds me of my sister

Reminds me of my sister -1 points1729 days ago

Strangling was too short:P. Great girl though, love your videos funbarbie Reply Report

shazz -1 points1665 days ago

Omg so hot Reply Report
soap box

soap box -1 points504 days ago

you lucky bastard girl alone bare naked in shower just tie her wrists gag her mouth stop her cry for help use chloroform no struggle. wait till she awakes to see the size of my erection glad you are awake hope your vagina will take a ten inch erect penis might streach your cunt a bit Reply Report
shower mate is back

shower mate is back -1 points502 days ago

i,ve got a large erection watching you chloroform while I prepare you for your rape when you come round you will have a 10 inch erect penis deep in you vagina fucking you to a orgasm nothing you can do, just enjoy your rape yes all my 10 inchs of penis are inside you feel it as I thrust to go deeper making you squirm I know you can feel it by the look of hate in your eyes. but yes this bastard is raping you here and now. and you can,t stop me......ps you are a good shag Reply Report
shower gel

shower gel -1 points494 days ago

nice and quite just put you to sleep with chloroform prepare you tie your wrists and gag your mouth. just wait for you to wake up to see your face when I rape you with my ten inch erect penis glad your awake to feel me inside you fucking you hard. I love the feel of you struggling on the end of my penis. yes I am fucking you Reply Report
scream! bitch

scream! bitch -1 points384 days ago

tonight you get to see my erect penis before you feel it inside you when I I rape you naked in your shower first the chloroform while I tie your wrists now to find out how tight your vagina is tonight I get to fucking rape your body while you struggle and scream ! I fuck you with my 10inch erection the joy to see your face as I make you take the full erection 10inchs Reply Report
Tourettes Guy

Tourettes Guy -2 points1478 days ago

Did she fuckin die at the end? Reply Report

Guest -2 points1132 days ago

I hope this was all acting
Reply Report

really? +1 points910 days ago

youre actually a fuckin idiot Reply Report
naked bitch caught in shower

naked bitch caught in shower -2 points675 days ago

no trouble time taken to strip, her she undressed her self,mature ready.to feel a ten inch penis enter her tight wet vagina.it will not be long.I want you awake.to feel you struggle, helpless abought to be fucked.fight me, but my penis is aready inside you fucking you.and you can not stop me.hope you are going to cumb for me,yes good girl you enjoyed a 10 inch cock? Reply Report

TotallyNotASpy -2 points676 days ago

Her left hand turn blue Reply Report

giber -2 points950 days ago

Gorgeous whore, great tits. Any time a blonde gets abused is a great day. Wish it had been more violent. Beat the hell out of her Reply Report

TotallyNotAConcernBlonde   0 points676 days ago

I sense deep troubles in you...
Reply Report

Pussymonster -3 points1752 days ago

She look like mouse but her tits are nice Reply Report
Talk white now

Talk white now +2 points1747 days ago

Do you mean, "LOOKS" and not LOOK? Talk white and say those s's. Reply Report

RockDa40oz +2 points1729 days ago

Aren't you late for a kkk meeting? Reply Report

? -5 points1746 days ago

That is just wrong Reply Report

Nice -4 points1767 days ago

I love this one, thanks. Reply Report
Team Killing Fucktard

Team Killing Fucktard -4 points1462 days ago

Did she died? Reply Report

Timbuck2 -1 points719 days ago

Hope so Reply Report
Just in Case

Just in Case -5 points1755 days ago

Next time remove the shower head run the hose in her pussy to wash away DNA trace and then leave her in the shower while its running to wash away any pubic hair or trace evidence < Basic 101 of rape cover your ass
Reply Report

badguy -2 points1528 days ago

So true, basic 101 indeed ;) Reply Report

Oooo -5 points1757 days ago

Coool Reply Report

Sarah -5 points1403 days ago

I think these type of rape videos are so wrong. Reply Report

Claire -6 points1590 days ago

I'm hot and sweaty underneath my sheets with no bra on Reply Report

Zzzz -7 points1754 days ago

As the "Hot blonde babe with a great pair of big tits" showers she fails to notice the "Stranger" recording her doing so what a very logically planned video Reply Report