Lady Ranger Snuff Rape

Lady ranger was doing some investigating work when she knocked at a madman's house. He invites her in for some coffee, and while she was waiting on the couch, he strangled her from behind. The snuff rape carried on until she was no longer moving and was stripped and abused.

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DAFUQ +28 points1763 days ago

Dang why didnt she had police guy with her?
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True +5 points731 days ago

because they didnt have enough to pay her for a 3 way. Reply Report
sein und

sein und +1 points1728 days ago

She's not a cop I think she's more of a park ranger
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cinemasins +16 points1726 days ago

8.43 minutes, oh my god, your the rapist... well no fucking shit, he wasnt trying to give you a hug Reply Report
sein und

sein und +6 points1728 days ago

Why is there no pussy showing or anal showing????????? And why didn't he cum all over her????????!?!?!? Reply Report
The Reviewer

The Reviewer +6 points458 days ago

"Lady Ranged Snuff Rape", is a very horrible porn video. Suffering from, bad acting, terrible lines, and above all its super fake. If a people (mainly men) want to watch something that has rape there best bet would be, "I Spit On Your Grave Series". Por n videos like this one actually all of them suffer from terrible acting which is because the people they hired are terrible, terrible actors or do not have any acting back ground. Why didn't the Lady Ranged not have a gun with her? Why didn't she have a partner? Why would this guy even think about raping and killing someone like her? She is with the law the government. Strangling her to death makes it that he has to hide the body away from other Rangers but also dogs. But no it seems like everyone is making idiotic decisions. Again, no likeable characters, the characters making idiotic decisions, bad acting, and very fake. Final conclusion: F. Oh, and one last question wouldn't the Lady Ranged be on her guard at all time because there is rape happening in the area? Reply Report
Just Curious

Just Curious +5 points1554 days ago

Do any of you find it funny that he put the girls stocking on his head? :P It looked so retarded that it made me laugh. Reply Report

wow +3 points1491 days ago

soft core snuff comedy... fantastic Reply Report

Anon +3 points1408 days ago

More comedy than porn. Reply Report
In soviet russia, penial system no stick it to you

In soviet russia, penial system no stick it to you +2 points1791 days ago

Well yeah comment says it all Reply Report

??? +1 points1791 days ago

??WHAT??? Reply Report

Nedermeyer +2 points892 days ago

Love watching a strangling scene with the woman in BOOTS! Reply Report

Wat +1 points1577 days ago

Wow really poor her Reply Report
Bet you ten bucks

Bet you ten bucks +1 points1485 days ago

If she wasn't wearing underwear, she was probably a hooker anyways and just pretending to be a cop Reply Report

giber +1 points1471 days ago

Funny. This whore has a great body but dumb. Got what she deserved. I wish women cops really dressed like that. It was a good laugh. Reply Report

Anonymous +1 points1533 days ago

Lol coffees done Reply Report

Mmm +1 points1291 days ago

Coffee's done XD Reply Report
firmly grasp it

firmly grasp it +1 points933 days ago

you should have him take off boots and smell feet and lick each toe then strangle her to death while analy rapeing her Reply Report

wesser45 +1 points836 days ago

Soooo, hated that deranged, whiKKKe guy kill'in a foyine piece, like that ...They really do know how to kill the pretty ones...What a waist!!! And a hot white girl bod is a terrible thang to waste... Reply Report

bauma   0 points1246 days ago

Luscious Pussy Mmm Reply Report

Yyhgfddds   0 points1019 days ago

Thhhffgh Reply Report
William Talley

William Talley   0 points782 days ago

Love it Reply Report

Skrub   0 points563 days ago

LOL AT THE END. "Caffe's done!' Reply Report

foop   0 points651 days ago

This is the funniest fucking shit I've seen in days Reply Report

connaisseur   0 points316 days ago

nice tits an pussy anyway :) Reply Report
Полная херня

Полная херня -1 points860 days ago

Гребааааать. Им что, доплачивают , чтобы они играли как мешок с дерьмом? Ни один даун не сможет специально сыграть такую лажу. Reply Report

sylar2013 -2 points1758 days ago

Why didn't he cum on her after strangling her is a more concerning question really Reply Report

BD -3 points1623 days ago

If she had someone with her,then he would have fuck her hard. Reply Report
American Bob

American Bob -4 points1175 days ago

nice nipples, horrible acting, should have had a gun!!! Reply Report
Wow I need cop dick

Wow I need cop dick -5 points1266 days ago

I wish I could get a cop to come to my home like that I'd rape his ass and jump on his c ock and ride like the wind any cops out there up for sex Reply Report