Redhead Strangled And Raped

Slim redhead babe just got out of the shower when she was assaulted by a creep who entered her house. She tried fughting back to avoid being raped - but fighting back gave her a worse fate. She was strangled to make her lose strenght while her rapist took her pants off and raped her till she died.

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funbarbie3 +28 points1947 days ago

Stacy and i noticed the sound is off, should we remove this movie, yes or no Reply Report

Lovesex -2 points1866 days ago

So who the fuck cares Reply Report

Rapeape   0 points1946 days ago

Sound works, no problem. Reply Report

funbarbie3 -1 points1945 days ago

Thanks for the reply
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WhoFuckingCares.no1NO1 +1 points644 days ago

THE ULTIMATE WORST VIDEO EVER, THIS MOVE RATED FOR VIEWING IN HIGH SCHOOL CLASSES AND NURSING HOMES FOR THE ELDERLY. Why wasn't there any titties, no fucking titties not even ANAL. Maybe I fell aslleep was there any pussy , SHIT...did this even show anything resembling a cock entering that cunt. REMOVE THIS VIDEO FROM HERE AND REPOST ON HALLMARK CHANNEL AND DISNEY. Reply Report

12wantsbbc   0 points1946 days ago

My ynger, fat, prvrted grlfriend just said, she is glad that a blck man gave it to her. Reply Report

Sound   0 points1945 days ago

No sound needed, I know what is going on here. Reply Report
Dr. Stranglelove

Dr. Stranglelove   0 points1047 days ago

Killer sure got a firm grip on the situation. Masterfully squeezed her
soft slender neck until she feebly gasped her last and succumbed
No need to remove, we know what's happening.
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Ginger Snap

Ginger Snap   0 points774 days ago

Should have kept the sound on to the end - her end. Would have been great to hear her die. After all that was a great kill to that ginger girl with her soft, white delicate neck squeezed to the max. Hope her being choked to death gave her TGPP (the greatest pain possible). Reply Report

urmomghey   0 points263 days ago


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Lovesex -1 points1866 days ago

Hey you want strangle date
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Canyouplzme   0 points122 days ago

@Lovesex can you fuck me like that and allow me to live as you sexy slave baby?? Reply Report