A Clockwork Orange Rape Scene

The first rape scene in the movie "A Clockwork Orange" - where a group of thugs forcefully strip a lone girl, exposing her big natural tits and sexy body before throwing her on an old matress and piling up on her to rape her.

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coolcat +23 points1848 days ago

Looove this movie! Reply Report
A Traffic Cone

A Traffic Cone +9 points1110 days ago

What's the actress's name? Reply Report

LeslieCreeper +6 points870 days ago

The actress is named Cheryl Grunwald. This was the first rape scene in "A Clockwork Orange." There is also a more famous rape scene later in the same film where the gang breaks into the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander. Malcolm McDowell repeatedly kicks the mister while singing "Singin' in the Rain," and then he rapes the wife played by Adrienne Corri. Reply Report

FCW555   0 points435 days ago

@LeslieCreeper Not Cheryl Grunwald Reply Report

. +8 points1618 days ago

love to get raped.. Reply Report

spotty +8 points1511 days ago

Took a girl to see this film and unknown to me a few weeks earlier she had been attacked in a stairwell by some guys ,wasnt one of my better nights Reply Report

mr_ant +1 points265 days ago

@spotty So, did you guys make it through the movie or did she tell you she had been attacked and then you left early?
Reply Report

thor6969 +4 points812 days ago

Ladies if you love rape hit me up at hadman69 Reply Report

gothcumslut +8 points765 days ago

I love rape!! Reply Report

sskinhhead88 +3 points1051 days ago

Classic movie. Nice tits. Reply Report

Arla +2 points628 days ago

She got lucky. Reply Report

crownofworms +2 points582 days ago

Always thought that girl was hot. Nice tits and bush.

Reply Report

bidickniggaethan2 +1 points278 days ago

i nat Reply Report

Leealenmetcalf   0 points195 days ago

I want tonne fucked by a black guy with a big cock in landry room made to suck his big cock anfnthen fucked in the ass Reply Report
Zman the man

Zman the man   0 points167 days ago

Rape me Reply Report

Vanishingly5773   0 points226 days ago

This is just messed up Reply Report

Yesl   0 points27 days ago

Text me how you wanna rape me 8326291902 Reply Report

whore -1 points1383 days ago

Was she menstruating Reply Report

H7777 -1 points284 days ago

Ummm... where was the rape? This was a rapus interruptus scene. I saw no cocks violating vaginas or asses or mouths or even an attempt to. SMH. Reply Report

beebee6 -1 points253 days ago

this rape girl is called Shirley Jaffe Reply Report

shitfilledvagina -4 points808 days ago

Message me about how you want to rape me and what you'd like to do with me involving shit and piss please. The more detail the more likely you are to get a response. Reply Report

jim -6 points1315 days ago

fake she would of kicked them in the face Reply Report

Andylad +8 points869 days ago

Of course it's fake,,,,it's a movie ! Reply Report