Fire Extinguisher Anal Insertion

Smoking hot babe is so hot that she is close to catching fire, regardless of her inserting an anal extinguishes in her ass and masturbating with it.

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lonestarnaughtygirls +9 points1746 days ago

wow Reply Report

samanthadutchslut +9 points831 days ago

WOW that's an wide open ass :-) Reply Report

h3nn3p +9 points831 days ago

My kind of woman! Ruin your holes slut! Reply Report

crushxtreme +6 points1755 days ago

thats one way to put out the flames of passion in ur ass XP Reply Report

Cornmeto..g.m.c +6 points1751 days ago

My dick is on fire now;) Reply Report

StickMan +2 points1751 days ago

Well her name gives her super anal powers! What's her name you ask?

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Boo koan

Boo koan   0 points1763 days ago

How is she not bleeding ?!!?? Reply Report

Damn   0 points1751 days ago

Wish the end nozzle broke off and sent the pressurized extinguisher deep in her ass! Reply Report
Anal lover

Anal lover   0 points506 days ago

Devine. Man would I love to taste the depths of her anus Reply Report
Disgusting sicko

Disgusting sicko   0 points317 days ago

I wanna see her make it disappear Reply Report

Lukaisawhore   0 points101 days ago

my name is Luka i was born from an aussie crack whore who fucked up everyone including her own cuzzy.
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GoNudeFaster -2 points1762 days ago

Slightly out of focus ,could be bleeding on the back side of the fire ext ?
Could she also do Godzilla size Scats on a different web site - then a 2&1/2"
wide extinguisher might fit without too much Anal Lube ?
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Anon. -5 points1751 days ago

She must have had mexican food last night... Reply Report

sickboy -10 points1750 days ago

What would her ass look the next day? Will she be wearing a diper now the rest of her life? How big a dick you need to have to assfuck her? Are the fireboys discovering a strange smell in the house now? Is this a real woman or is she from outerspace? Will she ever have children and will their friends find this movie when they are teenagers?
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5pawsakademy -15 points1749 days ago

another stupid girl that hasn't understood that each action has consequences, when she turn 30 some and has to wear nappies for grown up girls, because by then she would have made her ass hole prolapse too many times, and cant hold the shit in her rectum, we shall see who laugh then.. who wants a wife that wear nappies because she keeps shitting on herself? not me that's for sure! stupid moron this girl Reply Report

deathtothekneegars +4 points791 days ago

a moral fag on a pornsite lmao Reply Report

straightlordfocker +10 points935 days ago

I would want to marry this girl at 30 Reply Report