Dog Attack At The Beach

Horrible dog, horrible dog owner, horrible attempts at self defense, horrible use of a camera, so many reasons in this video to piss me off!

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WtF? +15 points1778 days ago

Damn whats the problem? Why didnt they kill this dog? fucking pussies Reply Report

thatcrazyguy -3 points1778 days ago

what with there hands? Reply Report

Jeff -3 points1778 days ago

Its not like there's a brick or broom laying around. Reply Report

Eh -3 points1778 days ago

and its owner! Reply Report

drover +4 points1778 days ago

All action was in first 30 secs & was missed by dumb camera man focusing on the waves!! Reply Report

asd +2 points1778 days ago

Just get a stick and beat it to death Reply Report

IMPISH +1 points1778 days ago

ummm get in the water DERRRR
Reply Report
Just kick it like it was you job

Just kick it like it was you job +1 points1701 days ago

Then choke that fucker out Reply Report
Fck Taliban

Fck Taliban   0 points304 days ago

Omfg. The Dog just wants to play. You can see that on his Tail. Reply Report
Fck Taliban

Fck Taliban   0 points304 days ago

So embarrassing.

Best ever seen. XD
Reply Report
Roblox is life

Roblox is life   0 points250 days ago

I would of just shoved my dick up that stupid ass dog Reply Report

puppy86   0 points144 days ago

I'd fuckin play wit IM! I'da grabed that fucker, an dragged his ass out deep enough to drown him PLAY MY ASS! good thing there were no children you buncha stupid fucking pitlovers I HATE! HATE HATE them fuckin dogs!!!!! and kill'im every chance!!! along with shepards &dobermans Reply Report
powinno się odebrać tego psa właścicielowi który s

powinno się odebrać tego psa właścicielowi który s   0 points61 days ago

powinno się zabrać właścicielowi tego psa Właściciel w białej koszulce powinien zająć się hodowlą kanarków Bo mam wątpliwości czy bałby sobie radę yorkiem Reply Report

pete -1 points1778 days ago

the little dogs scared it off Reply Report
cameraman is a huge

cameraman is a huge -1 points1778 days ago

faggot Reply Report

Dude -1 points1778 days ago

Jezez Christ get in shape old faggot Reply Report
Poor dog

Poor dog -2 points1778 days ago

He just wants to play! Stupid fools! Reply Report

LARRY -3 points1778 days ago

now theres a dog trained to hate white people lol they should of killed that fucking dog it piss me off to see that pussy ass dog attacking in and out like that Reply Report

MartinLuterKing -2 points1740 days ago

this fucking dog just attacks people but eats fucking niggers, the worst kind of species Reply Report