Dead bikini girl

Dominican Republic girl in a bikini found dead on riverbed

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Dindu Nuffin

Dindu Nuffin +4 points1334 days ago

Hmmm...I wouldn't know whether to whip out my dick or my cell phone first... Reply Report

O_O +2 points1739 days ago

i would have fucked her first mmmmm Reply Report

FunnyFag -1 points1660 days ago

Where's your grandma located? I want to dig her up and pound that mound of hers. Reply Report

jami63 +1 points1675 days ago

everyone wants to take a picture Reply Report

Me1 -2 points1575 days ago

I would like to tell you but I've tried to write it about 20 times and by different way but HeavyR just writes me NoURLAllowed. Reply Report

me1 +1 points1575 days ago

nice catch Reply Report

Piggest +1 points294 days ago

what a shame, a pretty fuckable pair of holes left us 4ever
Reply Report
necro phillips

necro phillips   0 points1740 days ago

I wish i was first who found her corpse... Reply Report

FunnyFag -2 points1660 days ago

I wish I found your grandma's. Reply Report

Resetzero   0 points1716 days ago

Very sad, she was young, I wonder what happened? Reply Report

killer_clownz   0 points465 days ago

She is dead Duh ....probably murdered... Reply Report

AndrewT -2 points677 days ago

As I said, in my Comment above, I'm praying for this Unfortunate girl. My God give her peace. Reply Report

free +1 points1014 days ago

She was just thug bitch. She fucked some macho drug dealer and he killed her because he thinked that she cheated him. May be she was. Reply Report
Dr Jekyll

Dr Jekyll   0 points1484 days ago

You see what an untreated yeast infection will do to you Reply Report

AndrewT   0 points677 days ago

I think that, a lot of you, have missed the point here. This, poor unfortunate-and quite pretty-girl was found DEAD! Not just beaten up, spanked a little or even badly 'Roughed Up'......This girl was dead, she had been killed, murdered most likely. I'm offering a prayer, for her, myself. Reply Report
Que sera, sera

Que sera, sera -1 points655 days ago

Dude, nothing we can do for her. Shame that a nice young lady got killed, but shit happens everywhere. Reply Report

killer_clownz   0 points465 days ago

Jeez did they Fuck up that crime scene...foot prints and they rolled her over stupid ass holes... Reply Report

nekroccok   0 points112 days ago

How i want to rape this sexy whore's ass! Reply Report

Isnyu -1 points1740 days ago

Kár érte. Reply Report

WOW! -1 points1740 days ago

That's the hottest stiff I've seen in a long time! Reply Report

FunnyFag -2 points1660 days ago

Your dad's boner was the last one. Reply Report

amandatheslut -1 points1569 days ago

I wonder if she was menstruating at time of death YEAST INFECTION
Reply Report

reaper -4 points1539 days ago

She looks to fresh to be dead skin would be completely blue and water logged if found in water bed Reply Report

to -5 points1722 days ago

Sick ass comments this is a human person wonder why Latin people are bean eating taco torn corn eating taco truck on wheels pulled pork eating idiots Reply Report

FunnyFag -3 points1660 days ago

You're no better, POS. Reply Report