Mom And Daughter Raped At Gunpoint

Mother watching her ballerina daughter dancing suddenly are attacked by two armed men and get raped and snuffed.

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-p +52 points1499 days ago

She's just as gracious as a whale! Reply Report

highwaytohell +10 points980 days ago

I'm going to hell for jerking off to this aren't I :P Reply Report
yum yum

yum yum +5 points1476 days ago

i bet that pussy wrapped in nylon smelled and tasted soooo good !!!!!
i wish i was there to get sloppy seconds on both of them !!
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devgru +3 points1487 days ago

hahahaha is the mother laughing or trying to cry? lol Reply Report

HellYeah +2 points1285 days ago

Dead whores!!! Reply Report
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Non-Member Fuck +1 points1437 days ago

Holy Mother fuck that girl is so white Reply Report

a +1 points1487 days ago

worst fucking cameraman ever seen Reply Report

Nice +1 points1163 days ago

I came like a steam engine watching this hot mummy and her Virginal fuck of a daughter getting asphyxiated!!! Reply Report
Good but

Good but +1 points415 days ago

Her 4th position and arms need to improve-

Oops, looks like that ain't happening.
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john   0 points1467 days ago

Horrible porn ! It's horrible, i'm really shocked, i hope it's fictionnal Reply Report

Crashman   0 points286 days ago

It's fictional. Daughter blinks at around 20 mins in when she's supposedly dead. Reply Report

joe -12 points1423 days ago

this should be banned! Reply Report

Sexforlife   0 points530 days ago

Those girls are dead....I HAVE AN IDEA! WHILE THERE DEAD MALE THEM GRAB BOOBS!!!! Reply Report

tobi   0 points507 days ago

crank Reply Report

STUDMAN3   0 points278 days ago

The mom was the prize. Why waste time with the daughter? Reply Report
Hi there

Hi there   0 points60 days ago

Awesome Reply Report

Mr.Lame   0 points43 days ago

How can they make so many lame videos Reply Report

Beaverwatcher   0 points29 days ago

The. Mother has a great body! Reply Report

zufus -1 points1488 days ago

Do you have more of Kirsten? Reply Report

DAFUQ -1 points1459 days ago

That is a nice girl! Reply Report
horror shit

horror shit -1 points1459 days ago

aw why wasnt i a big brother!! Reply Report

Semen -1 points1236 days ago

bump Reply Report

Mystic -1 points73 days ago

Tbh I would love someone to come in to my house and raped mom and sister, It might be wrong but its kind of a turn on. Reply Report
not happy

not happy -2 points423 days ago

disgusting. reporting this. Reply Report

zufus -3 points1488 days ago

Great One! Reply Report

!!! -3 points972 days ago

unknown horror

unknown horror -4 points1488 days ago

good to know this not real or that guy be choking on his teeth. Reply Report

jannybh -4 points1487 days ago

most modern moms of today would cum seeing this done to their whte daus Reply Report
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ten inch dave virgin fucker -1 points637 days ago

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joe -4 points1423 days ago

those mutherfuckers i would both of them slow! Reply Report