Teen Violently Raped

Tall Russian teen viewing a rental apartment when she tells the caretaker it´s too expensive he gets pissed about his wasted time and overpowers her. He then violently rapes her and leaves her behind crying in the trash.

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WhoCares +35 points1553 days ago

What the FUCK is up with that background music? It sounds like something from an arcade racing game Reply Report

Danny +2 points1551 days ago

lol th song is torn by natalie imbruglia.. it's a good song Reply Report
girl wanting to get force fucked

girl wanting to get force fucked +2 points1299 days ago

Exactly what I want for myself, if possible with at least 5 guys. My record is 4 now, I'd like more. Reply Report

???????????   0 points1552 days ago

why the fuck was she wearing just a shirt out of the house Reply Report

BRI +1 points1548 days ago

It's Russians what do you expect:-P Reply Report

dany -1 points1528 days ago

My wife was raped like this by her visiting cousin, now they have sex freely with my blessing, he also wants a baby from my wife now. Reply Report

jannybh -1 points1500 days ago

Raise your hands if you wish her to have tauma and nightmares about this for her whole life from now on. Reply Report
registered sex offender

registered sex offender -2 points1344 days ago

As long as the cunt has her underarms and legs shaved its all right to rape her Reply Report