Pornstar Dates And Fucks A Virgin

Full video featuring a pornstar who decided to go and meet one of her fans for a date and a fuck. The online constest was won by a virgin dude - so the pornstar decides to take it slow. They go out on a date and eventually go somewhere to fuck. As one could imagine, the virgin came the second his cock was in her mouth. The second round lasted a bit longer.

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dlz +50 points1609 days ago

this guy is so awkward Reply Report

hah +9 points1609 days ago

but he won the jackpot ... Reply Report
Rock D

Rock D +9 points1609 days ago

i came three times man, it was awesome. Reply Report

Blzb +28 points1609 days ago

Yeah, we're all sitting here talking shit about this guy from behind our keyboards, making fun of him for being fat and having to lose his v-card to a pornstar, but the reality is that we'd all love a piece of that bitch's ass. Reply Report
Porno man

Porno man +14 points1608 days ago

I give this man massive props!! Losing his V to a porn star!!! How fucking amazing. Reply Report
Mondo cane

Mondo cane +9 points1609 days ago

The porn star is adorable; she would be perfect if it weren't for breast implants. Reply Report

lol +9 points1609 days ago

we can all talk shit and make jokes but its the guys first time and whose fucking the pornstar it aint us its that guy lol lucky bastard lol Reply Report
That Guy

That Guy +8 points1609 days ago

lucky son of a bitch.. Reply Report

drg +5 points1626 days ago

He needs a bra Reply Report

tripp +4 points1609 days ago

Brittney skye Reply Report

lool +4 points1608 days ago

lucky guy man.. i wonder how much of a self confidence boost he got from this Reply Report

HackOrDie +2 points1609 days ago

Most awkward guy ever. Reply Report

Davie +2 points1608 days ago

Well...I'm gonna start writing to gianna Michaels Reply Report
Colette Choisez

Colette Choisez +1 points1609 days ago

Colette Choisez Reply Report

Bruh +1 points1390 days ago

Stupid ass people on here in the comments Reply Report
Holy spirit sucks dicks

Holy spirit sucks dicks +1 points1491 days ago

Holy fuck !!! How do I get lucky like that? Reply Report

Restless83   0 points1609 days ago

Well, this is a lucky guy, whoelse would get that kind of oppertunity with a P-star? Sitting behind a computer and wishing ya'll could be that guy.. well, that's just sad that non appreciate this enough.. i think both of em' had courage.. just sayin' Reply Report

?   0 points1609 days ago

Why Was He Petting Her Head? Reply Report
who dat pornstar

who dat pornstar   0 points1609 days ago

who's that pornstar
Reply Report
dave the stud

dave the stud   0 points71 days ago

He is the one who got a blow job and a good fuck Reply Report

ew -1 points1609 days ago

only half way through watching and this is so cringy
Reply Report

joe -2 points1609 days ago

No condom??? Hope he hasn't caught a nasty STD Reply Report

Duh -21 points1608 days ago

Condoms don't prevent STDs Reply Report

strangesensation -2 points1606 days ago

plz no suckig on toes :/ I once did that for a girl and I'd never do that again Reply Report

niemien -3 points1608 days ago

Show your pussy :D Watch full videos brazzers for free - insert in youtube xxx videos unlocker Reply Report

Djk -4 points1609 days ago

This is kinda funny xD but I won't laugh being a big guy too, I just lasted like 10x longer then he did his first time xD and he's prooobably watched more porn than I have... Reply Report

frankw265 -10 points1609 days ago

Shucks. Reply Report
Call me

Call me -13 points1609 days ago

Im female
Reply Report
Luke guy

Luke guy +4 points1608 days ago

Call you for? (: Reply Report