Hand cut off with machete

Thief Has Hand Cut Off by Islamic Extremists in Aleppo, Syria

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insane +33 points1812 days ago

People like this need to be fed to wild animals to let them see what its like, fucking muslim cunts Reply Report

bieberbeliever -8 points1808 days ago

its their law you dumb shit! Reply Report

hatesbieber +4 points825 days ago

Barbaric law you dumb shit Reply Report

Sky3030 +6 points903 days ago

Just because it's their law doesn't mean it's right. Reply Report
Cut My Hands Off

Cut My Hands Off +22 points1543 days ago

Do this to me! To both my hands! First my right hand, because I'm right-handed, and then my left hand! And then laugh at me because I don't have hands anymore! Who wants to cut off both my hands? Reply Report
I do

I do +9 points1537 days ago

I can cut off your feet to? Reply Report
Cut My Hands Off

Cut My Hands Off +2 points1505 days ago

Where did you go? I thought you wanted to cut my hands and feet off. Reply Report
Cut My Hands Off

Cut My Hands Off   0 points1518 days ago

YES! Reply Report
The Man

The Man +13 points1724 days ago

Do these countries not have a sharp knife Reply Report

bobweiler +9 points1812 days ago

I think they should have at least employed someone who could have cut it off with one chop Reply Report

shiv37 +6 points1753 days ago

bunch fuckin dirty animals Reply Report

Lannister +4 points1812 days ago

Tywin will not be pleased Reply Report
The smith

The smith +1 points1812 days ago

Thow shall not steal Reply Report

nofearnohope +1 points1458 days ago

It says in the Koran that you should make sure your blade is sharp so the one you slaughter does not suffer unnecessarily. These idiots cant even get that right......cunting muslim pigs. Reply Report

Ulf +1 points1594 days ago

That is just medevial Reply Report

Guest +1 points1625 days ago

Disgusting Reply Report

HumanBeing +1 points736 days ago

These barbaric people should all be gathered in concentration camps in Germany and be gassed to death like Hitler did. We need a genocide of ISIS and people who support their mentality. Reply Report

Meep   0 points1812 days ago

Holly fuck Reply Report

d1ty   0 points1801 days ago

dont watch it if you dont like it, you can take it or stump it i dont mind whoops i mean lump it. Reply Report

Shits   0 points9 days ago

Mother fuck the dirty Islam Reply Report

MUSLIMSAREANIMALS   0 points741 days ago

Muslims are fucking savage animals. Below human. They should all be nuked. These savages don't deserve the air they siphon from the rest of us. Fuck Allah. Fuck Mohammed. Fuck the koran. And fuck these subhuman pieces of shit.

I am talking about the radicals, specifically. Not innocent people. ISIS is the worst of em. I hope the worst of the worst happens to all of them.
Reply Report

fuckthisshit   0 points408 days ago

sharia law coming to a country near you soon Reply Report
Name to Dispaly

Name to Dispaly   0 points735 days ago

I would stab ever single person here in their throat and watch them drown in their own blood! Reply Report

muslimwhores   0 points415 days ago

fucking muslims animals stfu! Reply Report

vev   0 points399 days ago

dull machete was that on purpose or did they just think that they could do it anyway huh wonder wonder Reply Report

47bby   0 points326 days ago

Kill allah
Reply Report

krol   0 points159 days ago

I guess Allah gave them permission to enjoy sadistically the cut off...they're a bunch of assholes. Reply Report
Isis Member

Isis Member   0 points37 days ago

allah akbar
Reply Report

wtf? -1 points1812 days ago

guys shut the fuck up in some countrys if u stole osmething the punihsment is ""they cut off your hands"" sometimes both sometimes 1 i am just 100% agreed to this punihsment....than you can see in countrys alot stuffs wich is not guarded by any1 and none takes them...why? BECUZ WHO WOULD FUCKING STEAL IF HE KNOWS IF HE GETS CAUGHT HE GETS HAND CUT OFF Reply Report

stimpy +3 points1798 days ago

can you translate this to english please Reply Report

xgrimm13x -1 points820 days ago

Who wants to cut off my thick juicy cock? Reply Report

Chad12   0 points268 days ago

@xgrimm13x i wanna suck it Reply Report

Chad12   0 points268 days ago

@xgrimm13x i wanna suck it Reply Report