Schoolgirl Choked While Raped

Young teen schoolgirl is home alone when a stranger enters the house and sneaks up on her. She is immobilized and raped. While she is being raped though, her rapist chokes her by wrapping his hands around her neck and kills her. He carries on fucking her pussy while it's still warm before leaving.

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Keep them coming

Keep them coming +65 points1569 days ago

Please post more like this. Reply Report
tim lackey

tim lackey -1 points497 days ago

if I were him I would touch her vagina and boobs and take pictures of her so I could look at her vagina and boobs later Reply Report

M0r0n +37 points1549 days ago

This is soooo fake... I mean, a real teenager will never leave her phone downstairs Reply Report

littlejenni +22 points1546 days ago

That rapist is SOOOO fucking gorgeous! Reply Report

popeye +19 points1427 days ago

All young girls need to be fucked like that Reply Report
I want it too

I want it too +17 points1569 days ago

If I wore a skirt like that, could I get raped and strangled? Let me know. Reply Report
this guy

this guy +3 points1551 days ago

If you want me too Reply Report
That guy

That guy +6 points1552 days ago

probably.... Reply Report
if only

if only +14 points1534 days ago

if a guy that fucking gorgeous raped me i would not mind Reply Report
That guy

That guy +9 points1552 days ago

just saying....if you have ever choked or been tend to put up more of a fight Reply Report

funbarbie3 +11 points1551 days ago

when we role play like this, i do fight more when he is raping and strangling me, so you are right Reply Report

funbarbie3 +9 points1549 days ago

i love rape role playing you should try it too Reply Report

beedee241 +5 points1569 days ago

Yet another excellent upload...thanks for sharing. Reply Report
Stop no no no...

Stop no no no... +5 points1551 days ago

What kind of intruder locks themselves in? I'm done before the video even begun. Reply Report

Bob +5 points1551 days ago

With White panties.....really would look like a virgin Reply Report

angelique21 +5 points1151 days ago

Watched it again only because she is so HOT.... well we all know she is not really dead... so who is she????? I want to see more of her. Reply Report

FU +2 points1062 days ago

Hot? guess to each his own. And your profile sounds like your really some old guy faking it. Reply Report

antoniomamie +4 points1500 days ago

like most of these comments, if she really was raped.. I couldn't think of a hotter hunk of man muscle he's beautiful.. unlike the other commenters I am gay, oh boy if an animal like him started to rape me I'd assist him as much as possible my only difference if I'm going to be fucked to death by him I want the hot cum in my ass ! Reply Report

sas.bailey +4 points1247 days ago

wish someone would do that to me Reply Report

Ep.tino1 -2 points1200 days ago

Lol she got fucked boy she needed more Reply Report

angelique21 +4 points1160 days ago

What a hot little girl. I want to fuck her too. Reply Report

FU +4 points1062 days ago

Yawwwwwwwwwn so tired of this pathetic fake ass shit. Looked like she was riding a bike with her lame ass legs moving like that. Reply Report
shadow girl

shadow girl +3 points1549 days ago

Id love to role play this Reply Report
I want this

I want this +3 points1465 days ago

my boyfriend doesn't know I'm into this and I'm too embarrassed to tell him - one of my teachers at uni is sooo hot, I always fantasise about him doing this to me after class. Reply Report
Bad Teacher

Bad Teacher   0 points332 days ago

As a Uni professor, we definitely think about it, too. ;) Reply Report
weird fetishes

weird fetishes   0 points525 days ago

Same! I feel like if I ever told him, he'd be creeped out. He's not into super rough stuff , yet Reply Report

giannam -2 points1366 days ago

Id have my hubby fuck you like this lil girl ... just let me know when and where :) Reply Report
Bad influence

Bad influence +1 points1447 days ago

Nice ;) Reply Report

pervcan43 +3 points1266 days ago

I would love to do a slut like this, someday. 'Raping' a girl in this manner would be a blast. Reply Report
Wendy GK

Wendy GK +3 points1276 days ago

I would love to make a video with that man raping me one day, he's my kind of guy. Does anyone know his name? Reply Report

rc911 +3 points1163 days ago

excellent... would love to do this to a tight young schoolgirl Reply Report

davidcarter555 +2 points1569 days ago

Love the way he plays with her pussy! Keep up the excellent posts Reply Report

aurelia +2 points1566 days ago

Love it Reply Report
Lust Driven

Lust Driven +2 points500 days ago

She's on her back kicking her legs wildly from being choked, but that's just adding even better sensation to his cock... You can tell by the way he's thrusting his cock unmercifully into her cunt.. That's the part I love to jerk off to.. Reply Report

NICE 1 +1 points1569 days ago

This is another good one Reply Report

wha? +1 points1344 days ago

its like the guy who sells oxyclean grew a ponytail and changed his line of work Reply Report

forcefantasy +1 points1384 days ago

Love his strong arms and big hands, and her pale skin! Reply Report

Darkharbinger +1 points986 days ago

why would have have to pull out? Reply Report

Lmfao   0 points390 days ago

So the dead girl doesn't get pregnant, der Reply Report

lala88 +1 points915 days ago

I want it too Reply Report

woe   0 points1551 days ago

Lol bad acting Reply Report

xxx   0 points1551 days ago

Gr8 one Reply Report

Lovelesstrick   0 points1498 days ago

Why is this guy so fucking hot?! I'd happily let him do that to me. I'd die so happy! Gosh.. I want that nice looking type of man in my bed! Reply Report

Steve   0 points1479 days ago

Whats the girls name???
Reply Report

heavyr_fan   0 points757 days ago

ahhhh .. nothing in this world is more satisfying than raping a cute & lovely naked schoolgirl .. and to see her being choked on top of that is pure ecstacy.. what an amazing expression at 11:08 as she is being choked .. makes me so hard .. i will always fap on this video Reply Report

Bitchybitch   0 points723 days ago

give me his name, now !
Reply Report

Bearded   0 points719 days ago

Own Reply Report

vagk   0 points328 days ago

These girls don't even try to make it realistic. He doesn't even have the knife anymore, just rip his eye out, that'll stop it! Reply Report
Probaly a person

Probaly a person   0 points208 days ago

She has perfect legs... Hot damn! Reply Report

megrfhyfder   0 points51 days ago

I actually want to get raped i won't even care i just want cock in my vagina it looks amazing Reply Report
Blond girl

Blond girl   0 points19 days ago

What's up with that choking face? So fake looking Reply Report

BigJohnRed   0 points11 days ago

So Hot! Any young girls tired of the role playing and want to their fantasy's to the no limit zone, I'm in.. whats the point of getting old and dying when you can have the orgasm of your life. Reply Report
big horn

big horn   0 points6 days ago

so fucking hot I would use the knife on her too cut her little tits while I wank over her Reply Report
Born for porn

Born for porn -1 points1507 days ago

This is awesome keep making them like this. Reply Report

jhsnuff -1 points1488 days ago

This a great one! Reply Report

funbarbie3   0 points1481 days ago

we know you, what is up? Reply Report
killer bean

killer bean   0 points1474 days ago

Ill fuck u the other nite hw was it Reply Report

Wysper -1 points1342 days ago

Cut off the pony tail and he's the perfect man... Reply Report

rapethem -1 points1364 days ago

Like to see someone do that to my little girl she wouldn't like but I would love to see it. Reply Report

dafuq?? -2 points1368 days ago

Man oh man..i so want this to happen to me .. well except the choking part..
He's fucking gentle and rough at the same time ..
Reply Report

Bob -2 points1411 days ago

white trash fantasy Reply Report

adsadsds -4 points1551 days ago

asdadadasdadasdsad Reply Report
I'm sure

I'm sure -6 points1563 days ago

This is way to much violence whats wrong with you people Reply Report

Riz +1 points1556 days ago

Is acting dude. Reply Report
Sick shit

Sick shit -6 points1258 days ago

I agree with "I'm Sure" this is just wrong.
I dont care if this is act or real, its sick anyways. Just completly wrong.
And you who likes this shit, is sick and crazy in your heads, just saying..
Just like, wtf?!? Your fucking stupid!
Reply Report
grammar cunt

grammar cunt   0 points343 days ago

Reply Report
killer bean

killer bean -9 points1474 days ago

Fuck all of u all bitches
Reply Report