Asian Girl Group Raped

Group of Japanese men force Asian hottie to join them for a drink but rape her brutally instead.

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mk +28 points1801 days ago

if it was real it wouldn't be blurred Reply Report

fff +4 points1800 days ago

oh because you can really tell someone by their ddick Reply Report
A random guy

A random guy +1 points1800 days ago

No Asian porn is usually blurred :P Reply Report

tsunami8 -1 points1419 days ago

Suuure, because a girl getting raped needs to put on make up before going on camera. Reply Report

87808 -1 points1801 days ago

they blurred it so nobody would catch them Reply Report

Eric +1 points1776 days ago

If it's not real then she performs fucking good! Reply Report

piperhillfan +1 points1781 days ago

Isn't it the same actress than in a video in which there is a pillory and the girl is waxed and fucked by 2 guys ? Reply Report

Pam +1 points1591 days ago

Needs to be retitled "more censored Japanese bullshit " Reply Report
naked waitress masturbating

naked waitress masturbating   0 points1491 days ago

Now my bpss wants to hire the girl. She'd play roles as "professional masochist" with me. As I am bi, I love the girl, I am ready to do everything with her. Reply Report

piperhillfan -1 points1780 days ago

I'm not sure, but the girl could be the same as in "Asian bondage sex slave fuck" (on Youporn). She is an actress playing her role and enjoying the thing. Reply Report
Anon 34634535

Anon 34634535 -3 points1813 days ago

This shit is real, man, someone call the police. Reply Report
girl fucking too much

girl fucking too much +1 points1781 days ago

Of course, it's real, but it's a movie and a gentle, consensual and ensceneered "rape". Give me a role like that, I pay to play it. Reply Report
Raider Rob

Raider Rob +4 points1801 days ago

i bet you believe in Santa Claus and the Toothfairy huh?? Reply Report