Rape Victim Is Laughed At

Teen girl in shock and naked in the woods after being raped by three men. Bystanders seem to find it hilarious.

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guest +34 points1483 days ago

this is humanity for you, boys and girls, aren't our species sweet and lovely? totally deserve to live don't you think? Reply Report

pablo   0 points1470 days ago

of course, lions would eat her now Reply Report
registered sex offender

registered sex offender +7 points1282 days ago

You see her smiling she liked it they all do and how thoughtful they used condoms Reply Report

lol +5 points1479 days ago

I am pretty sure if she was raped she wouldn't be smiling and laughing at the end of the vid herself just saying Reply Report

Dirk +3 points1477 days ago

Just a dumb stupid cunt ..attention whore!!! Reply Report
Fuck you

Fuck you   0 points92 days ago

@Dirk film your self eating your intestines with your shit on it, you sick fuck. Send the footage to me and i’ll masturbate as you die. Then I’ll kill myself. Reply Report

www +1 points1385 days ago

if she had anal at the end coudent smiling :) Reply Report
Hard on

Hard on +1 points662 days ago

I'd like to have had a shot at her. Reply Report

alexandria76 +1 points104 days ago

rape is an art Reply Report

355676   0 points1393 days ago

holy carp!!!!!!! Reply Report
Idiots lolol

Idiots lolol   0 points299 days ago

Drop a bomb on this country Reply Report
anonymous hitman

anonymous hitman -1 points1482 days ago

horrible people Reply Report
Jay Bones

Jay Bones -3 points949 days ago

At least they wore rubbers. Gift wrapped the DNA for the police, and she doesn't have to worry about getting pregnant or a disease. One less thing for her shattered consciousness to have to deal with. Hope those bystanders who are laughing get what's coming to them- cross the street and get hit nd dragged by a truck. And the rapists get caught and get butt fucked every day in prison, catch AIDS and die before they can get out and ruin anyone else's life. Fuckers Reply Report