Dog Piss Injecting And Drinking

i caught my dog pissing so i decided to gather his piss with shot glasses and then injected it on my body.. the first injecting wasn't good coz the dog piss won't flow on my chest so i made some flushing and then injected it again on my right chest.. as you can see on my reaction when the piss were flowing on my chest, its really painful.. i planned to take another shot of injection but the pain was unbearable so i stopped injecting and just drunk my dog piss like a shot of cocktail drink..

p.s- after i made this video, my right boob were very swollen and i had a hard time breathing and feels like my airway were blocked.. and its still swollen after 8 hours or now that the video has been uploaded..

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Raven +30 points1527 days ago

That is one of the most wonderfully perverted things I have ever seen! Have you tried it again since then? I'd love to see you inject some directly into your genitals. Reply Report

KLEGANE +23 points1317 days ago

Born a Jew

Born a Jew +1 points941 days ago

They need a cut cock from the middle east through their fart hole. Reply Report

Hornblower +8 points1548 days ago

Just one question - WHY? Reply Report

kraassy +7 points1251 days ago

Beautiful perversity. But don't do this too often, you're going to do an allergic reaction on non-human fluids. . Drink the dog's piss or spray it in your vagina, but don't inject it anymore.
But you're a great person. Fantastic fetishism
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Pliop   0 points57 days ago

@kraassy its a guy tho lol Reply Report

piss +6 points1498 days ago

ok so her tits are tiny but has she not heard of silicone instead of dog piss Reply Report

pervyguy +5 points1157 days ago

would rather see you drink the piss right from the dog's cock Reply Report
Concerned Joe

Concerned Joe +4 points1218 days ago

hospital, either medical or mental check yourself in Reply Report

cazwell +2 points557 days ago

you injected your dog's urine directly into your bloodstream and drunk it. Your blood has absorbed everything from that pee even the dog's blood and everything that their body didnt need... make better choices Reply Report

ugh +2 points1223 days ago

Out of anything that you can inject yourself with why the fuck would you choose dog piss? Reply Report

Non-Member +2 points1222 days ago

next time inject poo Reply Report

what +2 points1069 days ago

You are certainly the most fucked up creature I have ever seen. When that gets infected what does your third world countries doctor plan on doing to treat that? Euthanasia? Reply Report
Hey you

Hey you +1 points1462 days ago

What is That? I bet its a fucking thaï lady-boy Reply Report

pervypervert +1 points1458 days ago

Wish she had just drunk from the dogs cock. Reply Report

What -1 points1378 days ago

She? Its a fucking tranny mate Reply Report

Zuwu +1 points96 days ago

Wow she is so ♥ Reply Report

Lol   0 points1123 days ago

I love how barely any of the guys on here can tell that this ain't no girl. There's a dick under those jeans, trust me, i'd know. Reply Report

sepsis   0 points932 days ago

I would never do something like that, but I love to see stuff like that.
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cxx18   0 points116 days ago

Haha stupid bitch your dope-fiend tits will rot off soon Reply Report

jan68   0 points207 days ago

disgusting but also fascinating Reply Report

bimnhk9er2   0 points10 days ago

dude, i love you!!! Reply Report

achim -1 points1602 days ago

fucking hot, i cum Reply Report

jim -1 points1485 days ago

beautiful woman, beautiful breasts.... my testicles are yours. Reply Report

spork -1 points1384 days ago

what the fuck is wrong with you, injecting dog piss in your nipples , and it was too painful? huh i wonder why , its amazing nothing bad happened , honestly though get help you need it badly accept jesus something anything just stop being such a fag Reply Report
I hope u die

I hope u die -1 points1261 days ago

sick fucker needs to be in a fucking nut house. Reply Report

luczoolove -1 points1242 days ago

Fantastic Reply Report

beckysbad -1 points869 days ago

That;s so to try that:) Reply Report

couchero -2 points575 days ago

This is a guy not a girl . It's completely obvious nor to point out his massive Adams apple
Reply Report

freakygirl69 -2 points173 days ago

come view my v8ideos Reply Report