Girl Cemented And Raped

Girl is stuck in block of cement and raped in all her holes. Can't imagine a better way to make your whore focused on work.

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Sickboy +90 points1826 days ago

The concrete looks pretty real... wonder how she got out... Reply Report

hahahahahahahaha +3 points777 days ago

she didn't............................. Reply Report

Dexxter +64 points1725 days ago

The cops have concrete evidence that abuse was involved. Reply Report

-13 points979 days ago

Really dude that's just terrible Reply Report

m_l_hill2002 +1 points195 days ago

@ He's here all week folks
Reply Report

non-member +37 points1804 days ago

I was wondering what Bob the Builder was doing lately Reply Report

mark +17 points1825 days ago

Wouldn't the weigh of the cement on top suffocate her ? Nice video, like the thought behind this but to my opinion this is fake.. Also the girl is a bad actor.. she doesn't look scared at all.. Reply Report

bobweiler +17 points1825 days ago

cement would burn her skin she would be in agony if it were real Reply Report

Fento +1 points175 days ago

@bobweiler that’s only if it’s instant. It’s clearly not. He waits st least a day Reply Report

Fento +1 points175 days ago

@bobweiler that’s only if it’s instant. It’s clearly not. He waits st least a day Reply Report

Person01 +2 points1006 days ago

Cement does not burn. That would be tar Reply Report

Jag -1 points48 days ago

Concrete does burn if left on the skin to long it will also dry your skin and cause it to start cracking making wounds Reply Report

FD +17 points1825 days ago

I think they actually just made a second box so it -looks- like she's covered in concrete. Reply Report

katecumdavis +13 points1788 days ago

wish it could happen to me Reply Report

JohnAa   0 points295 days ago

@ kan fort la det skje deg Reply Report

sammy +12 points1825 days ago

just a wooden or cardboard box covered with a thin skim of concrete Reply Report

hmm   0 points1767 days ago

If it's cardboard... the thing doesn't move a millimeter when he fucks her.. Reply Report
Donald Trump

Donald Trump +8 points962 days ago

This is donald trumps wet dream a girl in a wall it should be a mexican girl Reply Report

johnfku +7 points1802 days ago

something tells me theyre nt getting union wage Reply Report

angelique21 +6 points1054 days ago

Dunno how they did this...but it's hot anyway...shame the rest of the guys weren't there to use her Reply Report

Cameran +5 points1804 days ago

Maybe he left her in there for return engagements? ;) Reply Report

Kelli +5 points1300 days ago

It's fake, but it's hot. I wish that would happen to me and that he would actually be in all my holes. Reply Report

gouryg +3 points941 days ago

Well if it really was concrete it probably would have killed her. The heat of the exothermic reaction caused by the concrete curing gets well over 100 degrees. She would have been cooked alive. Whatever they used it makes for a cool clip. Reply Report

Meep +1 points1826 days ago

That cannot be good Reply Report

Jim +1 points1805 days ago

They're not going to get much work done doing that! Reply Report
girl  worh less than bad meat

girl worh less than bad meat +1 points1633 days ago

Could the guy make a wooden horse in concrete for me ? That is my preferred toy. Reply Report

dadidum   0 points856 days ago

whats the name of the girl and the scene? Reply Report
Anon amous

Anon amous   0 points612 days ago

I present to you, the third Horrible Bosses. Reply Report

boijjjj   0 points425 days ago

.-. Reply Report
No one

No one   0 points248 days ago

He sounds like the Bitconnect guy Reply Report

.   0 points155 days ago

I want that done to me Reply Report
sylvié hoe

sylvié hoe   0 points54 days ago

i prefer something .. more.. more .. yes, more.. concrete
Reply Report

Mudd -2 points1825 days ago

That isn't concrete its mud Reply Report

sickboy -2 points1804 days ago

looks like you were too busy in fapping and skipped cardboard box part. Reply Report

muherte -5 points1824 days ago

fake ... nice idee Reply Report

lol -8 points1826 days ago

Lol wet slut deserved it Reply Report
joanne mjadzelics

joanne mjadzelics -30 points1825 days ago

fake and gay Reply Report

Derp -37 points1815 days ago

Obvious fake because 1) Not in a kitchen and 2) no sammich in sight. Reply Report