Exterme Cock Biting Torture

Submissive guy is having his dick tortured in the most fear-inducing and panful way a man can imagine: he is having is cock bitten hard. The blonde in fur bites his dick in different places hard, leaving a lot of bite marks.

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fuck +16 points1653 days ago

i would never trust my dick to this crazy mother fucker bitch Reply Report

Hornblower +8 points1653 days ago

I've just got to get this girl into bed - she's hot hot hot and I do enjoy rough biting on the cock. Reply Report
Love Teeth

Love Teeth +8 points1214 days ago

Lucky guy...she actually leaves marks! Reply Report
bite my cock off

bite my cock off +5 points942 days ago

who dares me to let a girl or woman bite my cock right off while it being filmed for you's to watch not tricks just purely biting my cock all the way off if you find me a willing woman or girl willing to go all the way biting my cock off and I will bring my cock to her to bite it off Reply Report

jerrylab   0 points395 days ago

she can bite nine off to
Reply Report

ryno   0 points496 days ago

Same Reply Report

as +4 points1654 days ago

he cant even get hard while she is bitting :DD kinda painfull especially to nuts ;o Reply Report
tiny dick

tiny dick +4 points1403 days ago

I want this crazy bitch to bite my cock until she draws blood then keep sucking on it Reply Report
bite my cock

bite my cock +4 points942 days ago

I would let her bite my cock a lot harder than this guy got his bit any females willing to bite cock come and bite mine as hard as you can come make me take it Reply Report

Biting +2 points160 days ago

Mmm yeah, Bite my cock Reply Report
no name please

no name please +1 points572 days ago

loved the girl in the fur biting him. slow, deliberate, precise and with a bit of an attitude. loved her. my wife used to do the same for me but with a lot more care. wish icould know this girl. i would bring her a pile of money just to be with her. Reply Report

Yogi_Bear +1 points110 days ago

It's a pity she was so gentle. I would of love to of seen blood, and some of the foreskin removed. Oh well. Reply Report

xgrimm13x   0 points653 days ago

Anypne wanna chomp on my cock for awhile? Reply Report

Wesley   0 points1092 days ago

this how they should torture rapists for real except actually bite their penises slowly off. Reply Report

chriscbt   0 points174 days ago

Love that,biting and stretching.Do my balls too! Reply Report

Adnan1123   0 points30 days ago

Biting my cock please bitch Reply Report

tito456 -1 points323 days ago

Nice Reply Report