Naked Anorexic Girl

Girl with severe anorexia show her body in a bathing suit and strips naked to show her bag of bones with tiny but still nice titties.

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zito +28 points1389 days ago

sad.....R.I.P. Reply Report

Mo +10 points1456 days ago

I'd fuck her Reply Report
Love her

Love her +8 points1382 days ago

I'd fuck her every morning and every night Reply Report

madmick +6 points1395 days ago

am so hard now
Reply Report
Jonny Boy

Jonny Boy +5 points1454 days ago

Yes yes yes it's about time love that skinny pussy Reply Report

nascarman +5 points1420 days ago

mmmmm she is gorgeous I want her Reply Report

skinnyfan +4 points1218 days ago

she's beautiful Reply Report

AnorexicPelvisBreaker +3 points737 days ago

I hate the camera!
But I love that girl!
Reply Report

skinnybones1 +3 points1454 days ago

dat bony ass! Love it! Reply Report

Jonny +3 points1432 days ago

Why would u watch this unless you liked it,,? She's so fucking hot Reply Report

sadiechoke +3 points816 days ago

I wish it was my body Reply Report

O_O +2 points1456 days ago

I would love ta fuck her
Reply Report

madmick +2 points1336 days ago

love her
Reply Report

yy +2 points1301 days ago

wery elegant lady Reply Report

lissomlover +2 points1076 days ago

She's gorgeous! I'd love to run my hands all over her and feel her bones between my fingers and then suck those practically titless nipples. Reply Report

milkmaid +1 points1438 days ago


Reply Report

Jacky +1 points1432 days ago

How the hell she can still stand up without breaking apart? Reply Report

ru +1 points1430 days ago

Get that girl a cheese burger and a therapist ! Reply Report

fatpig +1 points1399 days ago

her thighs are too fat for my taste she needs to lose some weight Reply Report

Lena11 +1 points1346 days ago

she needs to carry and drop out a blck babee to show the world how rotten she is Reply Report

smally +1 points817 days ago

Would love to fuck her Reply Report

no-member-big-dick +1 points763 days ago

Tits are OK, remind me of my mommy's...but after all still to much mass for my tastes. I wish her backbone would stand out more...mmmmm Reply Report

1265 +1 points660 days ago

Sie kann ohne weiteres noch mehr Abnehmen um ihre Kochen noch besser zur Geltung zu Bringen. Sie ist Wunder Schön Reply Report
marc upthebumpton

marc upthebumpton +1 points361 days ago

would love to see her fucked hard and have spunk sprayed over her body Reply Report

xyz   0 points1439 days ago

i kno wher,thats not fun,she can't even hold her shit cause of athrophie of her bowel. Reply Report

Migue   0 points487 days ago

Pobre chica! Reply Report
Richard Formage

Richard Formage   0 points378 days ago

If this is what makes hr happy, why hate? Plus if she has the guts to show her succulent pussy and hot little ass hole to the world she totally deserves respect. It would be super fuckin hot to see her 8 months pregnant...... Reply Report

AnaLova   0 points180 days ago

Wow! If she could lose just about five more pounds, she would be hot! Reply Report

FairyNina -2 points1147 days ago

She looks so unhealthy :( Reply Report
Pro anorexic

Pro anorexic +1 points836 days ago

She is not too skinny, i think she is beautiful whit skinny legs and arms. I wich my vife was that skinny. Reply Report

max -3 points1434 days ago

you must die stupid bitch......
Reply Report

WTF -4 points1460 days ago

Its sad to think that in some places people are this skinny because they have no food !

Eat something you stupid cow !!!

Reply Report
Your just that stupid..

Your just that stupid.. -1 points1445 days ago

..Exactly how stupid are you? She has an EATING DISORDER (anorexia)
Look it up dumb ass.
Reply Report

zrinski -5 points1437 days ago

stupid, she needs to show footage of Nazi camps. Reply Report