Brutal Gang Rape

Poor girl accepted a free ride from strangers and ends up getting violently gang raped by all of them. Two at a time in both holes and cum in her mouth.

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GREAT +67 points1375 days ago

Once again you two have posted a good one. Reply Report

Jade +18 points1349 days ago

Omg, I can't stop cumming to this!!! I want to be raped! Reply Report

wow   0 points1347 days ago

I ll rape your face jade Reply Report

Subgirl69   0 points395 days ago

Some rape me
Reply Report

hollybaby245 +15 points1352 days ago

This video made me have two of the hardest orgasms I have ever had.... No video has made me cum twice, never mind the hardest ever! Rape me!!! Reply Report

emoboy666 +1 points76 days ago

ill rape you Reply Report
Rape Me Hard Please

Rape Me Hard Please +12 points1332 days ago

Fuck yeah, fuck yeah! I'm cumming!!!! I want to be raped hard and horny by 3 guys or more!!!! Rape me hard please!!! Reply Report

Anonomous +1 points245 days ago

I'll rape you
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RL Rape Veteran.

RL Rape Veteran. +4 points1276 days ago

I have been raped and I will be honest at first I hated it but by the end I was coming harder than I ever had. Reply Report

pjisbored +10 points1057 days ago

It's nice to know some guys still take the time to really rape a chick long and hard. Reply Report

funbarbie3 +10 points1051 days ago

yeah, my boyfriend does me long and hard when we play like this. a few times we do a role where i am raped for a few days. it all starts with me being in a satin dress and pantie hose. i am taken to an old farm and raped. Reply Report

lilsubcutey +10 points483 days ago

love this one !!!
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Crybaby +9 points560 days ago

I just want to be brutally raped so bad. All of my holes, no lube and no foreplay just brutal guys using me like their personal dick sleeve. Reply Report

hornyslut +8 points1268 days ago

I love this way too much! Wish I was her! Reply Report

samanthadutchslut +7 points406 days ago

WOW, I wish they would pick me up next and rape my all day long mmm Reply Report

sylar2013 +6 points1373 days ago

absolutely love this well done Reply Report

k9cumpissrapewhore +2 points128 days ago

I agree and wish it were me, you look the part, cum rape fuck meat Reply Report

rapelover +6 points1293 days ago

Someone should rape me... Reply Report
15f babygirl

15f babygirl +6 points1263 days ago

Mmmm;3 Reply Report

guesst +5 points1198 days ago

15f babygirl i would rape you to fuck Reply Report

dirtydaddy469 +7 points1211 days ago

Daddy and his friends want to use you Reply Report

RapeMe +4 points986 days ago

Use me!!! Reply Report

DD +6 points1158 days ago

Someone please do this to me!? Ughhhhhhhh
Reply Report

Jenn! +6 points624 days ago

I have watched many rape videos, and never commented but this one got me off multiple times :)it deserves a comment... thank you!! Reply Report

Plaything +6 points611 days ago

Omg this was amazing made me cum so hard I would love it if they did that to me Reply Report

16hornygirl +6 points571 days ago

Oh my gosh I want this to happen to me so bad I'm so wet and horny right now if anyone lives in Florida please do this to me Reply Report

bbwgiannam +6 points414 days ago

Fun to Bama and we will make it happen!! :)
Reply Report

littlejenni +5 points1346 days ago

My cunt's sopping wet after watching this! Come on guys, fucking do me!! Reply Report

CameSoDamnMuch +5 points584 days ago

I've never came so many times....I'm a girl and this is amazing.. Reply Report

beedee241 +5 points1375 days ago

I agree with GREAT...another 5 star upload...thanks! Reply Report

ME TOO +5 points1361 days ago

I WANT TO BE RAPED TOO!!!! Reply Report

D +4 points1351 days ago

Ill do it Reply Report

spice89 +4 points1352 days ago

sounds like fun!
Reply Report

slut +5 points1352 days ago

I would love for this to happen to me in real life!!!! Reply Report

Boner +6 points1352 days ago

i would love to do it to you Reply Report
Baby girl

Baby girl +6 points1296 days ago

You can rape me! 423-460-0199 Reply Report

bbwgiannam +6 points1127 days ago

id love to rape your ass sweety .. my and hubby would do a great job!! Reply Report

spice89 +5 points1352 days ago

Outstanding! Reply Report

hornyhousewife +5 points1130 days ago

I fantasize about this all the time Reply Report
horny stonerbitch

horny stonerbitch +5 points1225 days ago

Omg i love this video i wish someone would do that to me i cum every timei think about it Reply Report

dirtydaddy469 +5 points1211 days ago

We will Reply Report

Roufio +5 points412 days ago

This is definitely my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE video I'm a 28yr old female and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ITSO MUCH I saved the link to my home screen And I've studied phycology and can tell you for anyone who's concerned that this is most definitely a VERY WELL filmed thought out Porn I've came across a couple truly sick shit on heavy R that's made me stop going to this sight that was not adult porn I'm all for some of the sickest acts you can think of but when I see a video with even a picture of a child in it my blood boils and I get a sudden urge to burn the world down to find them!! So please remember this is totally healthy when there over 18!! Please report any under 18 to this number 1-800-843-5678 what if it was your kid. Reply Report

dirtydaddy469 +4 points1119 days ago

My friends and I gang fucked a teen hitchhiker but we were nice we use motor oil on her asshole when we fucked it. Reply Report
hard rape fan

hard rape fan +4 points1200 days ago

love to fuck the wife like this Reply Report

angelique21 +4 points980 days ago

Thanks funbarbie I can't believe it took me so long to find. If I was her I would just lay back and enjoy the fucking. What is wrong with her, its only cock for God's sake and a small price to pay for a ride... I got dumped at the side of the road at 3.30 am. when 3 Arab seamen gave me a lift and fucked me in Amsterdam Reply Report

slutgirl +4 points950 days ago

Why does this bitch think she has holes? This cunt just needs to get over it. Learn to shut up and take it whore. You got what you deserved. Reply Report
The Ripper

The Ripper +4 points835 days ago

Now that's what I like to see. Reply Report

jenn! +4 points624 days ago

I love to watch rape porn, but i would never want to be raped. The thought of being helpless, and not able to say "enough is enough". Makes me want to cry. But i only get off to rape videos?.. lol i dont get it.?? Reply Report

kuroba -6 points460 days ago

I'm sure you'll see sense after you have a nice brutal rape.
Reply Report

wishfullsub +4 points310 days ago

My holes are yours to use anyway you chose!!! And as long you chose! Reply Report

Bestvidds +4 points501 days ago

Nice Reply Report

Redteenxx +4 points497 days ago

I'd fuck this girl any day. Reply Report
peter harrington

peter harrington +3 points1164 days ago

Reply Report

teengirlmj   0 points32 days ago

what if it was your daughter?
Reply Report
Rape is a right

Rape is a right +3 points755 days ago

I wish this could happen to me Reply Report

megan... +3 points313 days ago

My pussy is so fucking wet. If I was her I'd lay back and enjoy everything. I want to be raped by 3+ men!!!! Reply Report

WetCunt4Rape +2 points276 days ago

The last part. Getting pussy, ass and mouth raped.

My cunt is so wet that i have to rub my clit so i can get off. This is exactly how i want to be raped.

I can imagine screaming while their dicks fucking rip me apart. Fuck me even when i beg them to stop.
Reply Report

lilith10 +2 points159 days ago

I don't know why I want to be her so bad, but I do. Reply Report

fatworthlesspiggy +2 points223 days ago

I'd do this willingly...fuck yes Reply Report

Cumonme +2 points297 days ago

How do I get raped like this?! Reply Report
Tucker her Man!

Tucker her Man! +2 points123 days ago

HOT! !! Very well done video! Those guys made her satisfy their horny shafts! Reply Report
Non Member

Non Member +1 points1173 days ago

15:52 is a beautiful shot of her sweet ass being pounded! 17:20 is also another nice shot of her being forced to take two cocks. Reply Report
Z Tant

Z Tant +1 points242 days ago

Fan-fucking-fantastic! Reply Report

bastard24 +1 points393 days ago

brilliant like to see them drive off Reply Report

analcheatingwhore +1 points114 days ago

Oh yes, please someone, anyone, rape me like this!! I just need to have all of my worthless holes painfully destroyed Reply Report

Kristieeee +1 points101 days ago

SOMEONE RAPE ME!!! :D Reply Report

Slutyrapemeat +1 points37 days ago

Dam this is hot. Just make me wish I was being raped again, Reply Report

Wow   0 points1352 days ago

Either that is really good acting or that chick is gonna be scarred for life Reply Report

kuroba +2 points458 days ago

Let's just hope it's real. Reply Report

rapeluver +1 points108 days ago

Reply Report
Men slut

Men slut   0 points1158 days ago

I'm a man who would like to be raped.
I'm ready to gang bang my whole life.
Reply Report
Xxx fucker

Xxx fucker   0 points342 days ago

Ooo Reply Report

Col80   0 points36 days ago

What's her name? Has she appeared in anything else? She made this video! Reply Report
Roger mission accomplished

Roger mission accomplished   0 points20 days ago

Great video! Hot chick and horny nerdy big cock pervs! Guys got her good! High five! Reply Report
15f heyy

15f heyy   0 points18 days ago

do this to me plssss Reply Report

Cockmcgee -1 points1351 days ago

The dude... Wade from GTA V... And a 90's deuche bag Reply Report

JUST BLOW -1 points268 days ago

I know it' s stupid question but Is what happened was for real or acting ???Am confused from all what i saw before ??? Reply Report

Nateydawg -2 points363 days ago

its ok, i know its fake but it seemed she enjoyed it in parts which put me off. Reply Report

julieboi88@yahoo   0 points288 days ago

how would you make sure i never liked a minute of it Reply Report

maziea -6 points1014 days ago

Bill Cosby would be proud Reply Report
sick fucks

sick fucks -9 points1142 days ago

The guys that did this should be killed Reply Report

Woah -9 points1343 days ago

Not rape of you like it Reply Report

PhantomGroper -10 points758 days ago

no such thing as rape, a bitch with her skirt up can run faster than a dude with his pants down, all bitches fucking love it they just pretend they don't so its more enjoyable for us cunts Reply Report
The Dick

The Dick -11 points968 days ago

Black people stole my smiles. Reply Report