Rapist Brutal Punishment

Man accused of rape is beaten bloody and receives some form of anal punishment.

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Pokin' Sticks

Pokin' Sticks +45 points1864 days ago

In order to defeat a rapist, they had to become rapists Reply Report
Vishwa Sri Lanka

Vishwa Sri Lanka +6 points1863 days ago

Difficult to watch as the crime has has committed can not be taken away by new crimes Reply Report

shiv37 +2 points418 days ago

@Vishwa Sri Lanka fuck him. Allowing his crimes to go unpunished wont prevent future crimes either. Reply Report
Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro   0 points28 days ago

@shiv37 You don't even know if he raped someone in the first place! He was just accused with absolutely no proof, probably by some bat shit crazy bitch who doesn't like him for something so small you need a fucking microscope to see! Reply Report

CMIIW +5 points1140 days ago

I know rape is wrong, but, the people beating him up and torturing him don't exactly look like they're doing it for justice. More like to get people and themselves entertained. It looks more of a glorified stress release imo. I know the rapist prolly deserves punishment, but, THIS MUCH? and it's just an accusation? really nigga? no proof? no evidence? no tapes? just "hey yu rep dis chick yestrday" Then he gets all that shit? really nigga? k fuck this gay earth. Reply Report

Metth +4 points1860 days ago

Brazil is the country Reply Report

Penis!!! +1 points1864 days ago

Where did this happen anyway? Reply Report

Dave +4 points1863 days ago

This was in Brighton last tuesday. Reply Report
Qball Marlow

Qball Marlow +1 points1650 days ago

do thay not know what thay are doing is rapeing him thay are rapist them selfs Reply Report

Mat   0 points1863 days ago

Middle age Reply Report

Potato   0 points1816 days ago

"Will beat him and rob and then say that he is a rapist and we will not be punished" - ordinariness of wild. Reply Report

omgboy   0 points1094 days ago

Omg i didnt know this was gonna be real. Just sickening Reply Report
Vishwa Sri Lanka

Vishwa Sri Lanka -2 points1863 days ago

What is this country? looks like old rapist has been far better than new rapists Reply Report
der roboter

der roboter -2 points792 days ago

I want to see a rapist get it's junk chopped off alive. Reply Report

strong8761 -6 points1067 days ago

I believe in equal justice. This type of punishment should also be administered to their mothers, sisters, and daughters when they are caught molesting children. Reply Report