Blonde Teen Raped And Choked

She takes a ride with some men she doesn't know, and with her being dead now she'll never get the chance to really get to know them. Such a shame, they seem nice and passionate.

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Marque De Sade

Marque De Sade +86 points1725 days ago

Why are so many videos on this site taking so damn long to buffer anymore? That's pretty fucked up! Fix your servers! Reply Report

Justgirlythings +5 points1712 days ago

How is she a teen if she's twenty..?
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davidcarter555 +4 points1716 days ago

Great video
Love the black bandanna on blonde of course,
I would have cum on her gagged face too
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ughh +3 points1705 days ago

Why does these videos take so fucking long to buffer now?!?!? FUCK YOU! Reply Report

Nobody +3 points1442 days ago

I just masturbate and how she moans oh yeeeesssss...
I'm a girl ^^
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lady porn

lady porn +2 points1211 days ago

she never stops yelling ugh its so annoying and whiney
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XD +1 points1711 days ago

When she was dying had me dying! Who dies like that? Reply Report

4everbarbie +1 points1680 days ago

I hate how slow it is at first I was like OK it'll play all the way through and then it stops starts and stops again 4 a long ass time ugh!!! Reply Report
Name change

Name change +1 points1613 days ago

Why is the named changed in this? This is like club rape. Reply Report

Anon +1 points1275 days ago

Assume it's not as just watched the start and it's all camera angles and shit. But the suffocating was pretty convincing for how long he had the bag put to her Reply Report

Metoo +1 points1176 days ago

Who is the dark man? Reply Report

fuck_crackheads   0 points1455 days ago

very interesting Reply Report

mfoggen   0 points1059 days ago

Nice titty bouncing. Reply Report

Fuckdapussy   0 points567 days ago

Her name? Reply Report
Random idiot

Random idiot   0 points287 days ago

umm how did she just like fall asleep
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studman 66

studman 66   0 points96 days ago

Body like Jaime cross except she has beautiful d cups Reply Report

Woopy   0 points68 days ago

I need a shit. Reply Report

Ganker -1 points1708 days ago

Excellent tits Reply Report

STUDMAN3   0 points109 days ago

@Ganker I agree beautiful fits. Probably c cups but perfect size for her body. Nice legs too. A great duck. Reply Report

littlejenni -1 points1712 days ago

Great video! The two guys are so sexy- wish they would treat me like this!! Reply Report

Anon -4 points1275 days ago

Slightly worried this real... Reply Report
Hot and kiled

Hot and kiled -8 points1718 days ago

I dress like her, why am I not raped too? I want it. Reply Report

rockhardred +3 points1088 days ago

I'll fuck you so hard baby! If you want raped, I have no problem with that. I will penetrate you so deep and hard and then cum all over you! Reply Report

funbarbie3 +2 points1711 days ago

i dress like this too so my boyfriend will rape role play with me. Reply Report