Rape Of Teen Girl In Spa

Girl thought she was the only one in this hotel spa and has to pay the high price for walking around naked. Russian guy has no mercy for her and fucks her as hard as he can.

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Alone? +21 points1960 days ago

So if she is alone who is operating the camera? What a load of shit. Reply Report

Awesome +6 points1502 days ago

You are so stupid. You don't tell people in a horror movie that its staged. You fucking idiot Reply Report

Sickman +4 points1584 days ago

Ooooh... really...?? thanks for telling me that, coz nobody here noticed that it's staged... moron Reply Report

Lol +8 points1914 days ago

HD security camera Reply Report

beedee241 +8 points1927 days ago

Alone?...it's "role play" and pretty damn good at that! Reply Report

idiots +7 points1927 days ago

Its a ducking porno... if u want the real shit that's on u idiot..i fucking hate that of course there not really fucking raping her! Reply Report

hot2trot +1 points1879 days ago

rough role play----for a good day at the office Reply Report

wallE +1 points1699 days ago

wall E operating camera
Reply Report
You Suck

You Suck   0 points1232 days ago

You have the worst, slow, good for shit server bandwidth for your videos! Not worth the wait and wait and wait for the constant and slow cashing. Reply Report

an   0 points1927 days ago

I feel like i'm playin stalker Reply Report

Fuck   0 points1787 days ago

Heh Reply Report
Shiting person

Shiting person   0 points1429 days ago

Hi Reply Report

Shafter   0 points190 days ago

Would have fucked that great little arse and filled it up with hot spunk Reply Report

vbnmnhbgv   0 points439 days ago

this was my favorite porn as a kid. Reply Report

Eel   0 points192 days ago

Would love to fuck her and spunk all over her face Reply Report

hollybaby245 -1 points1925 days ago

Should have shoved it in her ass Reply Report

... -1 points1924 days ago

Not the best. Reply Report

fearlessflasher -1 points1788 days ago

I'd love to force my daughter in law Carmen, my grand daughter Raeanna, my little niece Maggie and Carmen's sister Anna to all worship my 8 inch white circumcised hard cock like this. I'd love to fuck Anna in the ass while I force her to eat Carmen's pussy! Reply Report
13 year old

13 year old   0 points1101 days ago

It still was pretty good acting on her part
He was still a peace of crap
And you could see the camera mans foot
Reply Report

guy -1 points1782 days ago

this is crap she is letting him do it to her Reply Report

wannabraped -1 points1728 days ago

Fearlessflasher force me! Reply Report

angelique21 -1 points1520 days ago

I want to join this Spa. Reply Report