Robber Dies Slowly After Being Shot

Don't feel too sorry for this guy, as he pointed a gun at a pregnant woman when he tried to rob her.

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ELLOCO +16 points1447 days ago

NICE WATCH!!!!!!! BITCH!!!!!!!! Reply Report

Refuse2Renig +7 points1447 days ago

What a beautiful crimson fountain. Reply Report

Mik +7 points1447 days ago

Live by the gun die by the gun
Reply Report

shotgun +6 points1444 days ago

let this be a warning to the thieves who come to this site! ha ha! Reply Report

JOE +5 points1446 days ago

He won't do that again lol Reply Report

injustice +4 points1440 days ago

brasil is a maffia state, corrupt and rightless.
this execution was an example of taking right in your own hands as the robber did.
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marley +4 points1403 days ago

I feel for the guy that has to clean that mess up!! Reply Report

LOL +3 points1447 days ago

In Brazil Reply Report

Dr +3 points1163 days ago

It was a lung shot Reply Report

eagle +2 points1447 days ago

wow, where did he got shot tho? Reply Report
Your Answer

Your Answer +3 points1446 days ago

You can see a bullet hole just above the heart region. Reply Report
A pregnant whore

A pregnant whore +2 points1438 days ago

Should die before a man...That is all Reply Report

Doomy +2 points1119 days ago

Drown in his own Blood is a nice death for a dickhead like him whos tried to rob a pregnant. Bad guy get what he diservs.Hope hes sufferig mutch! Reply Report

Zancho +1 points1423 days ago

it is a horrible death, the death of an innocent mother and her unborn baby would have been even more horrific, seems like a bullet to a main artery with punctured lung stopped the latter from happening. Reply Report

silva +4 points1422 days ago

Go to hell, human rights defenders, this is one less bullshit in the world! Reply Report

CJ -5 points1380 days ago

Clearly you need help, both mentally and intellectually.
Regardless of who he was or what he did, it IS a horrible death.
But he CLEARLY stated that the death of an innocent mother and baby would have been MORE horrific.
You're a stupid fuck.
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asian cock

asian cock   0 points1201 days ago

he was shot at the chest or near the neck? blood just kept pouring out...gosh...that was indeed a horrible death.... Reply Report

pink   0 points1227 days ago

how do we even know he's a thief? because it says so in the title, most of these titles aren't even accurate, or maybe he was stealing, from drug dealer who pulled out a gun and shot him, because i don't see a pregnant lady.. Reply Report

DAMN -1 points1073 days ago

Fuck you that NIGGER got what he needed you worthless fucking niggers need to get off your porch and get a job and stop thieving Reply Report

Mat -2 points1447 days ago

Poor guy.... Reply Report

ss -3 points1447 days ago

dumb ppl recording.... Reply Report

Human -3 points1445 days ago

That was terrible Reply Report

Wfegerb -4 points1428 days ago

How sad have people gone if they video death, rather than helping !!! Bloody mobile phones !!!!!! Sad world. Reply Report
The description should say

The description should say -4 points1438 days ago

"Don't feel bad for this guy, he's a nigger" xD
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silva +3 points1422 days ago

Doesn't matter racial, religion, nothing here, You're right saying don't feel bad for the guy, BECAUSE HE IS A CRIMINAL, DELINQUENT, like you I suppose. Reply Report

CJ -2 points1380 days ago

Yeah, you know everything don't you.
I could film a video of any person dying and say "don't feel bad, they were a rapist" and immediately that makes it all true doesn't it.
Say what you like to make yourself feel better, evil cunt.
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PUFFY PUFF -5 points1409 days ago

DAMN....SAD....HE WUZ CUTE TOO Reply Report

FunnyFag +1 points1326 days ago

You're a funny fag. Reply Report