Womans Hand Hacked Off

Angry husband cut off his wife's hand because she was name calling his mother. She won't be doing that again!

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Sonnderkommando +14 points1458 days ago

Now how is she supposed to cook and clean??? Reply Report
The Devils Calling

The Devils Calling +13 points1458 days ago

when are we going to nuke these 3rd world shitholes and do the world a favour Reply Report

RetardDevilfag -5 points1453 days ago

You stupid fuck if that happened that would be the end of all of us! Reply Report
Fucking pigs

Fucking pigs +4 points1456 days ago

300 years from being civilized. Reply Report

>.< +2 points1456 days ago

end religion and end uncivilised country's take over the world b4 its too late Britain !! Reply Report
well hell

well hell +2 points1345 days ago

Jokes on him.. that was her handjob giving hand.. Reply Report

Dirk +2 points1344 days ago

Think this poor cunt learned her lesson Reply Report
Adolf H.

Adolf H.   0 points1458 days ago

What kind of motherfuckers Reply Report
Her Son

Her Son   0 points1093 days ago

So her son has a right to wack his dad too because he chopped off his mother's hand. Reply Report
potent pervert

potent pervert   0 points1180 days ago

Was she menstruating at the time? Reply Report
Menstrual blood swallower

Menstrual blood swallower   0 points559 days ago

Is that her hand she uses to push her tampon in? Reply Report

BadPuns   0 points431 days ago

Gotta hand it to him, though. He handled that pretty well. Reply Report
Portugal, Brasil = SHIT

Portugal, Brasil = SHIT -1 points1455 days ago

Portugal, Spain, Venezuela, Brasilia, Columbia... = Shit Reply Report
Your Mom

Your Mom   0 points1416 days ago

Replace Spain with Mexico and you get it right. Reply Report

X -1 points1458 days ago

i guess Devils Calling's from the U.S. ... talking like his own country wasn't as fucked up Reply Report