Jogging Teen Overpowered And Raped

Teen girl jogging in park gets overpowered by attacker and abducted in car. He drives to a quiet location so he can rape her and leaves her behind like trash.

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anon +99 points1911 days ago

i wish there would be more fucking after he cums, maybe cumming inside her and her struggling Reply Report

Ronan +13 points1873 days ago

I wish he would have cummed inside her that would have been so hot! Reply Report
Ivan E Rection

Ivan E Rection +6 points1875 days ago

Shame on the 1st cameraman not coming to the girl's rescue... and why didn't the 2nd cameraman in the car not get a fuck at her?
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ladyfuck +5 points1039 days ago

If yall can't tell this is staged..ur idiots. She ain't really being harmed and she knows what is going on. Just pretending to b out. Nice role play rape video though. Reply Report
Apple Pie

Apple Pie +3 points1574 days ago

There are about a million ways this could be worse. She was unconcious for most of it, he didn't kill her, he didn't cum inside her. I'd say she should thank her lucky stars. Reply Report

fuckyou +2 points1870 days ago

Only dumb f sucks like you would wish this on a child you sick pussy ass faggot Reply Report

funbarbie3   0 points1852 days ago

we remove those comment, but we agree with you 100% Reply Report

Jacob +2 points1746 days ago

where can I find this video? or more info on it? Reply Report

Fail +2 points1504 days ago

Who the fuck jogs in a bikini bra, wtf were they thinking.. Reply Report
Ray Pissed

Ray Pissed -7 points1205 days ago

Asking for it. Reply Report

beedee241 +1 points1912 days ago

Love your postings funbarbie3 Reply Report

nono +1 points1875 days ago

noone jog with that bra Reply Report

SayWhat   0 points822 days ago

I thought the same thing Reply Report

kinkybbwslave -3 points1515 days ago

It's a bikini top, and I would jog in it any day. So You are very wrong. Reply Report

Jacob +1 points1746 days ago

Anyone know where this video is from or the girls name? Reply Report

forcefantasy +1 points1669 days ago

How can she go jogging in that bra? Reply Report
jogger woman fucker

jogger woman fucker +1 points990 days ago

she should jog topless,bottom less in fact naked save my time stripping her.I like to lust,over her bare body.while masturbating my cock makeing sure its hard enough,to last 20mins to rape her? quick drive to deserted spot.let her see ten inch penis ready to fuck her..I,ve waited a long time to get my erect cock between her bare thighs,grabbing and sucking her large full breasts as my stiff cock goes in and out..20mins hard shagging she will climax together Reply Report

Fuck   0 points1458 days ago

I want to be raped for hours so bad Reply Report

Anne -1 points1714 days ago

how to fuck your white daughter Reply Report

Really? -1 points792 days ago

Who the fucc invented this nasty pooping shit sex videos Reply Report

rapeday -1 points271 days ago

I have to find out if you wear any panties or bra today I find out for sure. can you feel a erect hard penis inside you well enjoy so fuck woman hard and faster my 10 inch penis should make you reach a climax in no time when you come out jogging again you will remember being naked raped with a ten inch hard erect penis so come on woman faster deeper harder come on bitch like a lady of the night fucking well cumm Reply Report
virgin fuckerr

virgin fuckerr -1 points346 days ago

yes today I will see and touch your bare breasts yes lady today your tee shirt bra and your panties all come off you will wake up naked to see me masturbating my erect ten inch penis which I will fuck you with I have watched you jogging by your large breasts bouncing thinking with the use of chorform put you to sleep I could strip you bare head to toes but I want you awake when I slip my erection into your exposed vagina don,t struggle you are going to take my full ten inch erect penis all way and climax you could feel me finger fucking you as you woke up so you knew I was going to rape you? I am going to fuck you until you have an orgasm with my erect cock still inside you Reply Report
jogger clamp

jogger clamp -1 points273 days ago

I,ve dreamed of chloroforming so you are asleep long enough for me to undress you pull your tee shirt up over your head yesterday I just looked, today I can touch bare breast yours then pulling your shorts down around your ankles not forgetting your panties to come off at last your bare exposed vagina the smell of al sweaty moist working vagina and the last time you had sex? now can you manage my 10inch erect hard throbbing penis? ever been rape before with a penis this size? today you will be!. I will dream only about your screams as I fuck you slowly each thrust deeper than the last you will have your orgasm with my erect cock fucking you though the orgasm so we both climax both together Reply Report

Raper14 -1 points143 days ago

Fucking blonde cunt a body like that deserves to be raped Reply Report
early morning shagging

early morning shagging -2 points591 days ago

what will you look like with chloroform to allow me time, to pull your tee shirt up to see your bare bouncing breasts, close enough to touch next pull your shorts down around your ankles. my dream will be completely now I can slowly pull your panties down. to expose your bare vagina. at last your naked just looking at you makes my penis go is rock hard, and erect. this is the one time you will not jog on by. your naked body is mine .now some where" quite." where there is nobody about ,where your "screams" will not be heard just wait for you to wake up to find yourself naked helpless, me sitting masturbating a nice big erection you must have guested its all for you Let me explain what I have in mind to do to you. I striped your, clothes off to see your body naked, see your bare full breasts,with nice big nipples, I took advantage of you while unconscience I slipped first one, then two, then three fingers up to my third knuckle into your vagina to get you moist now to answer your question did I enter my cock, no I was tempted but wanted to wait until you were awake to see your face, you may struggle and squirm to take my full erection fight ,scream nobody will help you. I must admit your a big girl big breasts powerful I watched you jog past I dreamt of you naked. what I would do to you, what you would be like to fuck. how you struggle, your screams as my erection entered you. Time to find out reckon your tight vagina will manage a fully erect penis in all its glory erect hard throbbing one ten inch penis so open your big sexey thighs one good hard thrust all ten inchs up to the hilt now to rape you bitch. each time you jog though the woods you will remember naked on your back thighs forced apart to be rape with that monster penis. answer yes I would fuck you a big woman Reply Report

Jimbo -2 points1647 days ago

He should have kept her cloths Reply Report

Mike -2 points1714 days ago

more filthy white trash fantasy Reply Report

onaniaclub -2 points863 days ago

Fake! Reply Report
jogging first aid ten inch prop

jogging first aid ten inch prop -2 points836 days ago

finish the call to daddy then,jog on. I am ready for you today first.a place nice, and quiet nobody to see, or stop. what I am your body.first strip tee shirt off, to see your nice big bare breasts.not bouncing up and down.but in the fleash to toutch.then your shorts must come off,just leaving your panties to last your naked perfect.the way I wish you to be when you wake see me masturbating, exposing,my 10 inch erect throbbing penis that I am about use when I "rape"you.No more running I will fuck you hard, and deep to make you I spread your bare thighs wide to fuck you at last.soon you will feel me slip my erection into your wet vagina.I am going to enjoy seeing you struggle, but you can,t stop my raping you here today, now.In the past you,ve shown me two I give you three fingers up to the third knuckle in your bare vagina,then my 10 inch erection to follow. going to take my time with your "rape"( your run takes 40mins) your "rape" will take me 50mins.
to make you climax,with my erection still inside
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Your fear one day stripped bare to rape........enj

Your fear one day stripped bare to rape........enj -2 points656 days ago

cant wait to see her breasts bare to toutch put her in car take her some where quite strip her naked. nice big full breasts. now I can look and toutch. nice hard erect nipples. remove your shorts now your panties. now to expose your bare vagina waiting to be raped cast your eyes on my erect penis ten erect inchs all for You struggle scream but I will fuck your naked body until you climax Reply Report
big boy is back

big boy is back -2 points656 days ago

just look at her hips as her shorts come off big powerful thighs now her panties off Ive dreamt of your body naked bare to do as I want with now at last I will know how it feels to slip my erection into your vagina fucking you hard ,and deep....sucking your nipples until hard erect Reply Report
dream come true

dream come true -2 points649 days ago

Here she is jogging with breasts bouncing as she moves no bra breasts hanging free must be a size 38inch I shouted after you one day you showed me a finger, but today you will pay.I got close enough to grab you use a chloroform pad until you were unconscience just had to carry you to the van tie your wrtsts together drive you some where quite. where I will not be disturbed, and nobody to hear your screams or witness me stripping you naked. so I could feast my eyes on your bare breasts, and exposed vagina awaiting my erection, growing bigger and harder all the time Just waiing for you to regain conscience I want you awake to the fact you are naked in the back of this van with me lusting after your naked body masturebating a large erection explaining what I am going to do with it ,how, and when. i see the look of horror, on your face fear in your eyes. you remember showing me a finger, yes? well I am going to give you three of my fingers in your vagina, up to my third knuckle in your small tight vagina to start with . followed by this erect penis in my hand. you can struggle and squirm but the face facts, I brought you here to rape you. and I will rape you in my own time . gaged and bound you can,t do much to stop me parting your big bare thighs and fucking you to a climax I ve dreamed of your naked body breasts bouncing as I fondle them sucking your nipples until they are hard and erect holding down by force so I can rape you. today trussed up like a chicken unable to move about to be raped how do you feel about a 10inch erect penis raping you fucking you for 40mins hard shagging yes you will climax so will I inside you here and now today at last I get to fuck you............enjoy Reply Report
jogg no more on your back on the floor, your legs

jogg no more on your back on the floor, your legs -2 points560 days ago

"caught" today you will remember lady. you will not jog past me, with your bouncing tits today your tee shirt is coming off along with your shorts, and your panties. I require you conscience awake to the fact I have striped you naked so I can rape you. I like the feel of your bare tits I,ve fingered your vagina so I know I can fuck you. just spread your bare thighs slipping my erection into your nice tight wet vagina. yes today, I get to fucking you lady. you can not stop me. ready to feel my 10 inch penis inside you darling..........fucking you to a climax Reply Report

Stop! -5 points810 days ago

This is fucked up, fake or real! This shouldn't be online; it will encourage more. Stop shit like this! Reply Report

Muut   0 points555 days ago

Why are you looking up rape porn if you don't agree with its erotic nature, troll. Reply Report
kill yourself

kill yourself +2 points788 days ago

what kind of raging faggot are you Reply Report

George -26 points1873 days ago

All women deserve to get raped this way Reply Report

clking   0 points1521 days ago

Always wanted to be rape; ) Reply Report