Burned Alive For Stealing Potatoes In Kenya

Kenya, 2012 - Two robbers lynched and burned alive for stealing some potatoes in a market...

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Me +52 points1782 days ago

What's Wrong with this World ?????? Reply Report
The truth

The truth   0 points481 days ago

Nothing wrong with it. It's just so big that there are still part of the word living in these times. American was doing it too with the witch hunts. This is really sad and I believe the best things for these part of the word rn is information, education and a better government
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555   0 points1781 days ago

Exactly, with all the cheating bankers here we could power the west without oil and gas using this method, and with the benefit cheats!!!! Fuck fraking! Reply Report

someone +12 points1781 days ago

Two potato thieves and a crowd of murderers. Reply Report

hgkjhlknçlkhljb   0 points379 days ago

@someone what a point you have!!! Reply Report

samurai +9 points1782 days ago

On the basis that the most serious punishments are reserved for the most serious crimes, where the fuck do the Barbarians of Kenya go after that abomination? If stealing potatoes merits being doused in gasoline and burned alive, what worse fate can they possibly reserve for murder? Reply Report

DBH +7 points1781 days ago

So, stealing potatoes is wrong but burning someone to death is ok....strange world we live in. Reply Report
The Turkey from Germany

The Turkey from Germany +6 points1782 days ago

Dont give Fuel to the Monkeys Reply Report

Einstein +6 points1782 days ago

Uneducated idiots Reply Report

look +5 points1782 days ago

even animals are more educated Reply Report
AFRICAN  Animals

AFRICAN Animals +5 points1776 days ago

sad man, even rapist,murderer,serial killers,molesters,mass murderers are not killed that way, Hope those evil murderer monsters burn in hell. Reply Report

Q.Kumber +4 points1782 days ago

I'm on the watching people die part of the internet again.....I bet he's sweating under all that flame....Well you know what they say...Give a man a potato he'll eats for a day....Set him on fire and he wont need a potato.....It seems to work for them though as now there's only 7 to a single bed in a rusty mud hut.

'I try to avoid barbecue potato chips, they're my weakness'
*Quote by Gwyneth Paltrow*
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ss +3 points1777 days ago

patatoes i cant bealive... Reply Report

Miki +3 points1781 days ago

"what's wrong with this world" - there are too many people on this planet. Reply Report

joe +2 points1780 days ago

black motherfucking dog savages who don't deserve to live in a civilized world. Reply Report
That's why

That's why +2 points1499 days ago

That's why they invented Ebola. Reply Report

serbia +1 points1782 days ago

primitivity Reply Report

Sam +1 points1422 days ago

This is horrible. Then the sick fucks even video tape this shit... Pretty sad. Reply Report

Civilized +1 points1577 days ago

The best thing that could ever happen to the world is if nukes were dropped on Africa and middle eastern countries... Reply Report
i now understand racism

i now understand racism +1 points603 days ago

I don't.. What do I say to this? Fucking monsters. Evil, pure evil. Reply Report

terrible   0 points1782 days ago

How a terrible operation Reply Report

neil   0 points1781 days ago

Aldi should employ the same tactics Reply Report

neil   0 points1781 days ago

It does seem a bit harsh but lets not forget people...They stole potatos. Reply Report

hapakaja   0 points1781 days ago

Is this what justice looks like? Reply Report

saad   0 points1777 days ago

can't stop drop and roll because they are injured :( Reply Report

sam   0 points1609 days ago

This is unacceptable...unfortunately such kind of people also survive in our planet...!!! Reply Report

sexymedic   0 points1378 days ago

That is some kind of justice system... These men were probably so hungry and didn't think they would have these kind of consequences... It makes you wonder what the sentence for murder is? Reply Report

Julian123   0 points563 days ago

And god is watching and allowing all of this to happen. I hate this world so much. The best thing that could happen would be this damn evil planet blowing up and killing every human being. That's sad for the animals, but humans definitely need to be annihilated. They are the cancer of this planet that is creating more and more suffering. When will this end? Reply Report
Joe Mama

Joe Mama   0 points296 days ago

@Julian123 the fact that people even still BELEIVE in an invisible man in the sky...is the ENTIRE reason these things happen...when people stop believing in man-made fairy tales...this kind of thing will slooooooowly go away...and humanity as a whole..can fiiiiinally move out of this ever-so-detrimental era of weak-minded religious beings...with idealogies based in the stone age. Reply Report

EastVanRulz   0 points631 days ago

Well that sucked ....The other guy ran around the corner ... Reply Report

pepe12   0 points350 days ago

Trump, lanza unas cuantas nucleares en esta parte del mundo, por favor.

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PotatoMan   0 points61 days ago

who touched my POTATO! Reply Report

z -1 points1782 days ago

black people... Reply Report
Name to  display

Name to display -1 points1781 days ago

Comment on this video Reply Report
tony no life garner

tony no life garner -2 points1782 days ago

fuck me that was a descent pair of Adidas three stripes he had on incidentally how much is petrol in that shit hole? Reply Report

Tom -3 points1782 days ago

BBQ Time :) Reply Report