First Time Scat

You sometimes want to do new things, this couple tries scat sex. He shits all over his girlfriend´s face and orders her to lick his anus while she is trying hard not to choke on his smooth shit plugging up her nostrils and throat. I wonder how he proposed this...

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bigcumload +20 points1491 days ago

yeah,eat it bitch! she loves it! Reply Report

honeydew +9 points1159 days ago

I'd love for a man or woman do this to me. I'm a 19 year old woman in Missoula Montana. Pm me. Reply Report

blackscatdom   0 points36 days ago

@ honeydew

Check your PM
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copromaniac +1 points107 days ago

ohhh.. love it when their faces are smeared.. then i lick it off their faces !!! Reply Report

nutellahamster +1 points349 days ago

German girls are the greatest scat lovers! Thank god I live there! Reply Report

scatsubslut +1 points70 days ago

Mmm good girl. Eat that shit and lick your masters dirty asshole clean! Reply Report

dirtyygirl +1 points4 days ago

I love eating men's shit too and I like getting covered by shit Reply Report
shitty skank

shitty skank   0 points1482 days ago

Thats a lot of warm gooey smelly shit! Lucky gal! Reply Report
stupid title

stupid title   0 points1453 days ago

i seriously doubt that is her first time scat, i've seen heaps of other videos of that guy shitting on girls faces, i'm so fucking tired of fake video titles just to get views! Reply Report

scalisa   0 points1400 days ago

really i want try , but need someone teach me Reply Report

2ndsystem   0 points1330 days ago

this dirty whore loves to be fed by her master. Reply Report

?????   0 points1286 days ago

scat is AWESOME BITCHES Reply Report

anon   0 points1284 days ago

as always germans! great! Reply Report

angelarico   0 points672 days ago

i wish my white boyfriend would do that to me Reply Report

afry   0 points472 days ago

Geil ! Reply Report

blackscatdom   0 points36 days ago

Any Scat sluts in germany here?
PM me!
Reply Report

hairyoilcan4 -1 points1486 days ago

Feed the slut your stinking shit Reply Report

dirtyminded14 -1 points1261 days ago

It want to try this how can help whit that Reply Report

podkabluchnik -2 points1491 days ago

The Joy of Scat :)) She's relishing every mouthful :)) Reply Report

  0 points1491 days ago

Fuck you eastern scum Reply Report

Wtf -2 points1491 days ago

Really people? Is this fucking necessary ? Fucking ridiculous Reply Report

austinlorenzo227 -2 points1349 days ago

girls are whore!! right cassie you fucking shit eating uncle fucking whore stds are u!!! you got V D and u deserve it! HA HA! eat that shit fucking whore!! Reply Report

desade -2 points773 days ago

you stupid fucking cock sucking asshole!~!!! your to fucking CLOSE WITH THE CAMERA YOU FUCKING DIP SHIT!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

????? -2 points1286 days ago

theres fucking hair?!?!

Reply Report

frankw265 -3 points1376 days ago

OH! Reply Report
This sick fuck again

This sick fuck again   0 points277 days ago

fuck u !!!!! fuck off !!!!!! somebody beat and break the bones of this asshole !! Reply Report

xes -4 points1453 days ago

shit,, a part of a balance diet :) Reply Report

TVC-15 -1 points1309 days ago

Yes - if you are deeply fucked in the head.
No, if you are as little as 1/100th normal.
Reply Report

littlejenni -7 points1452 days ago

Wish my black boyfriend would do this to me! Reply Report

ritaxlove -1 points1414 days ago

wow Reply Report

ladida -9 points1432 days ago

you don't know how right you are ! And don't forget to upload for us to see the loads he's feeding you with ! FIRST TIME EVER on heavy-r a BAC (black african chief) letting fly freh turds into a greedy white gal's mouth, WOW !!!! (Never mind in case he's no chief...: sure he'll get a promotion after this !!!) Reply Report

azginsiker -8 points1452 days ago

would love to do that to you Reply Report

nteljem -9 points1439 days ago

Looking for scat partner in sweden, please send me a pm. ! Reply Report

Hey -15 points1491 days ago

Thanks for the one minute long fucking vid? Wtf?! Reply Report