Best Friends Abused And Raped

While talking about the fantasies they have of being raped and abused, these best friends visualized exactly what would happen. Two guys broke in and bound them: one to the chair and one on the bed. The one on the bed had her legs spreadfully opened and she was raped brutally.

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kinky +17 points1694 days ago

i wish somebody would fuck me like that but really hard and against my will, show me who's the boss!! I want to scream and cry and plead not to be raped with no consideration... Reply Report

raj -1 points1655 days ago

Can i f u Reply Report

funbarbie3 +10 points1704 days ago

my fantasy too, but i fight and scream, plead not to be raped. Reply Report
I love

I love +10 points1678 days ago

This is kinda fantasy, but I want at leat 4 men, each with long dicks, I want 2 in my v and 2 in my b at the same time, and if there is more guys I give them blowjobs and handjobs Reply Report

Fantasy +6 points1686 days ago

Why is the other girl just watching? Reply Report

hornygirl353 +5 points1320 days ago

Will somebody please fuck me like this. I am a canadian girl and find this so fucking hot. Reply Report

ShemsuHor +4 points884 days ago

This girl has some BEAUTIFUL, absolutely perfect feet. Wish they would've done something with them, but it's nearly impossible to find rape videos where they do.

Reply Report

razor55   0 points554 days ago

I agree some work on her feet would have been great Reply Report

Please   0 points1119 days ago

this is so hot Reply Report

LovRapingTeens   0 points806 days ago

Strip naked right now and get ready for me to slamming my 9 1\2 cock into your pussy Reply Report

razor55   0 points554 days ago

I was hoping the Brunette would get the same treatment after the blonde !! Reply Report
Cat man

Cat man   0 points1600 days ago

Joker was here Reply Report

SesSeskk   0 points563 days ago

M.also want it with me Reply Report

Brunette   0 points726 days ago

Shame they don't humiliate this slutty brunette,
Wish to show her cummed on.
Reply Report

donu   0 points441 days ago

Lovet Reply Report
Andrew dempsey

Andrew dempsey   0 points225 days ago

I love it Reply Report

Fuckmeplz   0 points15 days ago

I want this to happen to me although I’m only 14 yrs old I am not virgin Reply Report

borowiec -1 points561 days ago

Excites me rape Reply Report
andrew dempsey

andrew dempsey -2 points225 days ago

@borowiec i will give you my cock and i will fuck the shit out of your pussy Reply Report

rapemeyoung -1 points256 days ago

fuck I sooooooooo want this to happen!!! i need a HUGE cock to punish my virgin holes, leave me bleeding and crying and so sore I can't move and filled with cum in every hole and all over my body. get me pregnant, i'm not on the pill Reply Report