Heinous Daughter Gobbling On Daddy's Cock

The title says it all. One garage, one sick pervert and one retarded ugly daughter.... Winning!

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blackvelvet +33 points1684 days ago

i use 2 do my dad like that in the basement while my mom was drunk upstairs
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Daddyscunt +1 points696 days ago

Damn you you and I have fun baby....we would never leavevthevhouse Reply Report

Seriously? +5 points1003 days ago

Did you really do that? I always wonder if that stuff really goes on much. Do you think many dads and daughters do it? I always wonder about my neighbors. Reply Report
too sick for life

too sick for life +2 points1404 days ago

good girl Reply Report

WTF Guy +4 points1666 days ago

How do you know they are daughter and dad?

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Well +2 points1003 days ago

If the dad is the Incredible Hulk then you know, but neither is green. Hmmm. Idk. Reply Report

cuz +6 points1665 days ago

because she looks pretty similar to the..... cock? well, i dont know
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daddydicklover +4 points855 days ago

She might not be too pretty but she loves that big daddy dick like a little girl should and fucking drinks his cum all up... Sexy little slut Reply Report

+2 points1705 days ago

She's a fucking fucktard Reply Report

dad +19 points1702 days ago

dont talk to my daughter that way mister Reply Report

hdmedia +6 points1701 days ago

lol Reply Report

lolwut--- +2 points1664 days ago

about half way through she turns into a fucking chubacca and shit
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We all want this

We all want this +2 points872 days ago

I wish my dick was sucked like this All said and done she can suck cock the ugly old cunt (. I would just saying .....) Reply Report
Big John

Big John +2 points565 days ago

Ugly or not the bitch suck a fucking dick !! damn I would love to have a bitch drain my nuts like that!! jeezus that was hot! Reply Report
The Munsters

The Munsters +1 points1003 days ago

If you're into monsters I guess it's ok.

I'm not into monsters... I don't think... idk, depends if it's halloween and what mood I'm in.
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Creampie101 +1 points973 days ago

What a lucky father! Now upload the video of you pumping a load into your daughters pussy! That's what I want to see! She already looks inbred so why not. Maybe you will make a super hot daughter together that you can fuck in a few years and upload that video too! Reply Report

prevert +1 points669 days ago

Had a one night stand with a girl like her. Fucked her while her daddy, younger brother, and son was having sex with her daughter. Left to go get beer the next morning and never went back. Reply Report

Itsa   0 points1527 days ago

a hooker Reply Report

Daddyssluts   0 points489 days ago

Fuck I wanna talk to her Reply Report

non   0 points914 days ago

i notice none of these videos have real evidence they are dad and daughter or anything like that because its fake Reply Report

ilovetrashywomen   0 points332 days ago

I saw that she was wearing a wedding ring Reply Report

weirdo -1 points1512 days ago

I was here Reply Report

pervboy -5 points1701 days ago

I would fill her mouth with a nice thick juicy turd so she could swallow evey piece Reply Report