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rape me

rape me +134 points1639 days ago

I want my pussy to be fucked I don't care if I become a sex slave the rapist will love my fucking tight pussy he can cum inside my pussy as much as he wants & pee inside my pussy and he wants me to have his babies & make me his & his alone & im a virgin and he can fuck my pussy nonstop
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rapeprincess +4 points711 days ago

same, but no one will rape me Reply Report

John557   0 points81 days ago

@rapeprincess send me ur WhatsApp no. ! Reply Report
oh baby

oh baby +17 points1600 days ago

God damn you want it all eh? :) I wanna keep you in my comfy bed so when I come home everyday I can wip off my work pants and give you all the pee iv saved from the day in your tight pussy then keep fucking you well I try and keep it all up in your pussy ... then I want to cum inside of you I have nooo stds or shit lol I want you to take multiple loads in your pussy then we can smoke green and drink wine all night till I need to pee before bed and so do you so you pee alllllll over my chest smiling then I pee in you and cum again making you hold it. Reply Report

rapeprincess +2 points566 days ago

Yes please! Reply Report
Rape Me

Rape Me +1 points1567 days ago

I'm so horny and I don't smoke Reply Report
Fuck my pussy

Fuck my pussy -2 points1574 days ago

I want u to do that to me! I live in mi Reply Report
Ill rape if u want

Ill rape if u want +2 points1614 days ago

Whoever wants to be raped tell me and I'll have sex with you or your daughter and make it seem like rape Reply Report

(●´⌓`●)   0 points3 hours ago

@Ill rape if u want omg yes \(^0^)/ Reply Report
Jail Bail

Jail Bail -1 points71 days ago

@Ill rape if u want OMG yes. I just turned 12 and would love for you to take me and cum all in my mouth and my face. Please Reply Report

Anymoudis   0 points11 days ago

@Jail Bail i wouldlove to snap?
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hornyvirgingirl +1 points537 days ago

Wanna fuck Reply Report

Mckoon   0 points518 days ago

Yes please Reply Report

Momma123 +3 points613 days ago

You can rape my daughter;) Reply Report

jannybh +2 points452 days ago

if she´s only y oung ... Reply Report

shylady21 +10 points1544 days ago

Rape is my biggest fantasy tie me up and do whatever you want with me Reply Report
King of pune

King of pune +7 points1639 days ago

Miss rape-me
I would love to be the man for that
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pervcan43 +7 points1409 days ago

Any girls in my area that want to be raped this way, contact me Reply Report

Anonymous +7 points1090 days ago

No offense but wtf is wrong with all you? Reply Report

xKittenx +7 points720 days ago

Honestly the thought of being brutally raped turns me on way too much.. Reply Report
Rape them

Rape them +6 points1429 days ago

I would like to see my wife and my little girl get rape Reply Report

Rapeyourgirl +1 points631 days ago

Ok, I'll do it. Reply Report

sexygyal +1 points1261 days ago

U cant rape nobody Reply Report
Bad dad

Bad dad +2 points1415 days ago

Me too Reply Report

rapethem -2 points1407 days ago

Yes I would like to my wife face when she see a big dick going in her little girl Reply Report
You\'re fucking gross, kys

You\'re fucking gross, kys +2 points376 days ago

Go die in a fucking hole scumbag. You are lucky I ain't there to beat your fucking ass cunt. Reply Report
sissy misty

sissy misty +5 points1438 days ago

I love being raped by women especially when I am crossdressed Reply Report

+5 points1081 days ago

Baby let me slide myself deep inside of you and cum in your tight pussy and watch your cum drip down my penis as you orgasm Reply Report

rapemetoo +3 points1538 days ago

Id love to be raped in all my holes Reply Report
Dumbass BITCH!

Dumbass BITCH! +3 points610 days ago

Dumb fucks... it's not rape if you enjoy it! You want someone to fuck the shit out of you, or slap yo face or even choke you, then it's still not RAPE! Cuz rape is something totally different.. you might like rough sex, but not rape. Reply Report
Master shadow

Master shadow +2 points1638 days ago

@rape me
I will gladly enslave you
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teachme +2 points1621 days ago

Does it hurt? Reply Report

dirtydaddy469 +1 points1569 days ago

It hurts so good baby Reply Report

VermontGirl +2 points1402 days ago

oooo yeah rape my pussy just like that !! Reply Report

i_want_raped88 +2 points1046 days ago

I want my slutty mouth and pussy raped so bad, I'm from Glasgow Scotland. My pussy is dripping just thinking about it. Reply Report

killieboy +1 points982 days ago

i live close to you, i will fuck that dripping pussy if you want Reply Report

Humilateme +2 points817 days ago

I'm a virgin and I want my first time to hurt so bad, I want fuyou to force your dick in my pussy without lube or any licking before that, I just want it to hurt. Same with my asshole. Reply Report

Timj -1 points251 days ago

@Humilateme whats ur number? Reply Report
Big boy

Big boy +1 points722 days ago

What's your kick Reply Report

TeenUk +2 points223 days ago

I would love to be fantasy raped but I'm too young Reply Report
Child Molester

Child Molester +1 points71 days ago

@TeenUk Your not to young for me baby. I’ll give it to you good. Reply Report
hardcore 123

hardcore 123 +1 points1627 days ago

I'd love to be that man Reply Report

daisy96 +1 points1238 days ago

omg, so this is what will happen... Reply Report
i want have a girl

i want have a girl +1 points1184 days ago

Who's here in ph? Contact me Reply Report

thevirginteen +1 points282 days ago

Please Fuck me!!! Reply Report

17YrOldVirgin +1 points823 days ago

Please rape me Reply Report

mecca96 +1 points227 days ago

I'm a virgin from the uk, want to be raped now please contact me Reply Report
Jail Bait

Jail Bait +1 points71 days ago

I want to be a child porn star and get fucked and suck cock and get paid for it. Can any one help please? Reply Report

schizofag +1 points65 days ago

@Jail Bait email me at theoneandonlyjaedee at gmail dot com ;) Reply Report
Ill rape you if you want me to

Ill rape you if you want me to   0 points1614 days ago

I'm a virgin who will fuck hard and long or rape whatever you want to do ps I have a huge dick Reply Report
Rape Me

Rape Me +5 points1566 days ago

I want your huge dick inside my pussy Reply Report

CrAcKeZ   0 points1520 days ago

I'm 200 years old virgin with huge dick and I'll rape you all lol Reply Report

Hi   0 points1517 days ago

Hi Reply Report

dan   0 points1303 days ago

oh dear Reply Report

Dj123456789   0 points579 days ago

Who lives near stockton and wants to get raped by a muscular bbc
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Girl Fucker

Girl Fucker   0 points395 days ago

Does any girls live in Bellingham
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Pretty Kitty

Pretty Kitty   0 points97 days ago

Lol Reply Report
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)   0 points3 hours ago

I'd love for this to happen to me. Maybe bondage!!! Reply Report

(●´⌓`●)   0 points3 hours ago

I'd love to be fucked like this but I'm underage
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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) -1 points3 hours ago

Love someone to fuck me like that (●´⌓`●) Reply Report

Police -2 points1157 days ago

Ur all going to hell Reply Report

xoabellltesfayen -3 points1373 days ago

Ew this is hella discusting  Reply Report

(●´⌓`●)   0 points3 hours ago

@xoabellltesfayen This is heavy r, what do u expect? Reply Report
Deal with it

Deal with it +1 points560 days ago

This is heavy-R Reply Report