Mother Sucking Her Son's Dick

Ugly drunk mom sucking her fat pathetic son on home video. We all know somebody like this. Well here is a glimpse of what happens when you leave your loser friend's house. His nasty mom sucks his cock...just as we all suspected...

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Rex +14 points1682 days ago

Step moms are always depraved. Reply Report

kml +4 points867 days ago

My mom and I used to do that when I was younger:I dipped my dick in mayonnaise(Kraft or light miracle whip) and she sucked me until I cum in her mouth or on her huge lips
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justifying step-relative fucking

justifying step-relative fucking +2 points1682 days ago

the whole step parent and step sibling thing is a grey area of incest... i guess it all boils down to the age of the children when the step family member is introduced... say a young child grows up with the step mother and the relationship is more mother/son then yeah but if he's already and adult or close to it then it's more likely to be son/father's wife and less incestuous Reply Report

8========D +2 points1655 days ago

Shes good at that Reply Report

lonestarnaughtygirls +1 points1649 days ago

cool Reply Report

mmmmmmmmm +1 points1640 days ago

What kind of mommy does'nt eat her sons cum Reply Report

Luvyungkids11 +1 points331 days ago

I know right what a waste cumi wanna taste it so bad seniorwaterproatgm. My step son is a teen now my wife got mad cause I was too into he huge black cock when he was 8-10 she made me stop I think she was getting jealous she knew I wanted his cock in my ass and him cum in me he pre cum was yum my step daughter I would have her hold my cock in her hand when she was sleeping she grew up to be a porn star I wanna fuck u Brooklyn Alexis so bad and I would devorce ur mom and marry you .I need a new freak with kids more understanding and filthy with no limits Reply Report

jriebe1952   0 points502 days ago

this is what mothers do for their sons Reply Report

mexi72   0 points278 days ago

How is she ugly. You can only see her mouth. I think the guy who posted video is jealous. Reply Report

jmkool   0 points128 days ago

why would u want ur mom to suck u off
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Vosslor   0 points63 days ago

I dreamed of my mom sucking my cock, I would watch her in the shower and hide in her closet when she dressed rubbing my cock til I came.
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nice -3 points1649 days ago

Lovely, she does it good lucky son I want this to happen
to me but I would fuck her and cum inside her although I have fucked my sister a few times it was nice
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