Slave Kicked In Nuts By Mistresses

A pair of brutal mistresses are giving their slave the worst kind of punishment and torture a man can withstand: kicking his balls. They repeatedly use the high heeled boots on their feet to kick in in between his legs, which makes their slave winch and collapse in pain; and the funny theme doesn't help in soothing the pain.

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stup +23 points1836 days ago

This would be a GREAT video if it had actual sound rather than the Benny Hill crap going on. Reply Report

jannybh +3 points1774 days ago

right, and as a grl I would masturbate during it. Reply Report

Sly -1 points1813 days ago

Hey stup I hope your a chick because if your a guy and this is a sweet video your sadly fucked up chicks have no idea how much it stings it would be like getting a knife with teeth stabbed into there vagina and keep sawing because the pain don't go away win you get kicked in the balls Reply Report

ffFreeze +6 points610 days ago

Damn, who is that readhead? She's just so pretty. Reply Report

Funny +2 points1578 days ago

Funny and educative! Ladies, please beat your men in this way! Reply Report

smally +2 points769 days ago

Adorable redhaired goddess Reply Report

looking4CBT +1 points1759 days ago

Looks like fun! Can I go next Reply Report
Kick him!

Kick him! +1 points1320 days ago

Good choice about the sound, because the physical violence of women over men always is funny, especially a kick to his nuts. Reply Report
dryclean slave

dryclean slave   0 points1664 days ago

sexy ladies and sexy clothes, like to lick their clothes clean as i cum Reply Report

Stevejones201512   0 points1457 days ago

His babe need some train he a put a needle through my cock a kick them and after that he will need a good foot rub and she need the spit on me a tell how much I am a scum on the floor a start again Reply Report
Fun guy

Fun guy   0 points1290 days ago

OK a few comments: these chicks should be naked! They're hot and should show off. This guy should be hanging by his wrists at the end unable to stand up on his own. Maybe some blood oozing out of his dick. Reply Report

ksozekgmailcom   0 points939 days ago

nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

bel   0 points414 days ago

I feel the pain too.
Reply Report

smally   0 points343 days ago

Sexy Ladies Reply Report

Yrago -4 points1037 days ago

Damn. Im a fag. I'd be making love to his cock. Dude, next time call me, i'll make you feel WAY better. Reply Report