Raping Two Women

Two young women are having car trouble and want to make a phone call in a nearby home. Only there lives a sexual predator who grabs them both and ties them up. He sexually abuses them and rapes them brutally.

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NICE!! +39 points1949 days ago

NICE!! Reply Report

Thislesbianwantspussy +4 points1902 days ago

I love this!!!make me so fucking horny...I am a sexy horny lesbian
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gohan   0 points1824 days ago

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you ladies will be sore red raw.

you ladies will be sore red raw. +2 points762 days ago

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So horny

So horny +2 points1816 days ago

What are the names of the women? Reply Report
woman in trouble?

woman in trouble? +1 points890 days ago

time leaving car 2mins 12sec rachel by4mins43sec her wrists tied to ankles on bed 5mins26sec her skirt high above waist,top unbuttoned bare breasts exposed 10mins after leaving car a ten inch erect penis entered her vagina and raped her.later the other woman was asulted toutched raped both women had streatched vaginas to make it possoble to rape them.both women said he raped them first one then the other then change places one being fucked one watching he spent three hours raping both women conplained a penis this size hurt and ripping inner walls of the vagina Reply Report

sylar2013 +1 points1901 days ago

would have liked him to cum on the girl on the lefts face for a better ending Reply Report

moorland +1 points1650 days ago

Girl in red shirt at 4:20 has got some sweaty arm pits...lol Reply Report

fallenangel1980 +1 points1402 days ago

Well, it works for me! :) Reply Report
bed rest with 10inch erection!

bed rest with 10inch erection! +1 points1081 days ago

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big bad dave

big bad dave +1 points928 days ago

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ladies trespass, ladies pay the price. first one r

ladies trespass, ladies pay the price. first one r   0 points890 days ago

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Meh   0 points1901 days ago

I came but if it was not a quickie day it would be lower on my standards Reply Report

wiquedone   0 points1879 days ago

nice, Reply Report

Non-member   0 points1803 days ago

Soooo hot <3 Reply Report

james   0 points1730 days ago

Rachel Steele in black; Stacie Starr in gray Reply Report
long day

long day   0 points762 days ago

neather of you two women will leave without being raped first one then the other.each of you will know the feel of a ten inch penis fucking you now, and again,and again may be raped five or six times you will be sore swollen raw your vagina ripped to bits...you will never forget tonight? Reply Report
these women will remember their shared rape,.and s

these women will remember their shared rape,.and s   0 points835 days ago

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big bad dave,want to fuck Stacie stripped naked!pl

big bad dave,want to fuck Stacie stripped naked!pl   0 points1032 days ago

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you both walked into this one?

you both walked into this one?   0 points732 days ago

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tresspess you will be fucked...

tresspess you will be fucked...   0 points859 days ago

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Person that shall not be named

Person that shall not be named   0 points554 days ago

Man, u can tell this is staged and also, bro, that guy has a tiny dick Reply Report
lady fucker

lady fucker   0 points472 days ago

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Love tits

Love tits   0 points27 days ago

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Raping two women

Raping two women -1 points1153 days ago

love the woman in gray,love the struggle as he fingers her vagina to make her wet for her comming rape! I would have stripped her naked first, bare breasts, bare bum! I would have chocked with a 10inch erection down her throat then out of her mouth stright into her tight vagina fuck her hard,then out of her.my penis dripping with her cunt juices and into her mate,s bare vagina to rape her.Then back to the one who was in gray, now bare to toutch.naked to rape her again? Reply Report
big bad dave,want to fuck Stacie stripped naked!

big bad dave,want to fuck Stacie stripped naked!   0 points1082 days ago

wrists tied to ankles stacie can,t stop her panties being pulled aside to expose her juicey,but very tight vagina.love the way she struggles as he fingers her to slip his erect penis deep into her dripping wet cunt to rape her......yes take time fucking her. Reply Report
rapist in waiting

rapist in waiting -1 points1083 days ago

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Dissapointed! -2 points1929 days ago

Could have pulled it off with better actresses... She sewms to be enjoying getting raped!!! Reply Report

Giber -2 points1220 days ago

I have seen both these whores in many fuck videos. Rachel Steele and Stacie Starr never looked sexier. Those whores deserve the abuse. I wish he had beat them. I would hang them by their ankles and beat them with a bull whip. Leave them covered in welts. Reply Report