Young Girl Kidnapped And Raped

Young girl was kidnapped at bus stop and taken to secret location. She gets violently raped and sexually abused while scared and blindfolded. The blindfold did spare her eyes when her rapist cums on her face.

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funbarbie3 +60 points1495 days ago

we do this Reply Report
The juggalo

The juggalo   0 points394 days ago

I love u fun barbie Reply Report

NICE -2 points1402 days ago

You are such a cockteaser Reply Report

hoselover   0 points1466 days ago

I would do you if I could Reply Report
Luck girl

Luck girl +11 points1483 days ago

I love being helpless like her and forced to suck Reply Report

Børge2 +4 points1371 days ago

Wanna hook up? Reply Report
Truth teller

Truth teller -11 points1375 days ago

Why would you? These guys are just evil and wrong!
Reply Report
Strangled her

Strangled her +5 points902 days ago

They should have been inside of her pussy and ass as one of them strangle her with her little pink stocking she is wearing. They would have loved the feel of this on their cocks. I know it feels good to do this. Reply Report

monal +3 points611 days ago

I leave my door and windows unlocked every night hoping someone will come and rape me Reply Report

.   0 points438 days ago

Tell me I'll rape you gust tell me we're you live
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Nataly   0 points420 days ago

AZ Reply Report

killer_clownz -2 points475 days ago

Where do you live ? Lol Reply Report

2312 +2 points1324 days ago

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The Fuck Police

The Fuck Police +2 points302 days ago

I would find these guys and get them if this was my girlfriend there lucky it wasn't. Reply Report
The Fuck Police

The Fuck Police +2 points302 days ago

Glade this wasn't my girlfriend these would be dead Reply Report

Sparky_321 +2 points587 days ago

Was this real? If not, nice acting! Reply Report

irishlady95   0 points43 days ago

All I want is an anal rape scene with good acting. Is that asking too much? Reply Report

beedee241   0 points1495 days ago

Love good "role play" and this is an excellent one! Reply Report
2of u

2of u -1 points1391 days ago

You 2 must have so much fun. Reply Report

giber -1 points399 days ago

Great video.Red Milf makes first class fuck videos. Reply Report