Baby Killed For Smuggling Heroin

Father and mother killed their baby to fill it up with drugs and cross the border with it.

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yeah sure

yeah sure +16 points1497 days ago

where is the proof this was done by "mother & father"? Where is the background story?

I call bullshit.
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fd   0 points1160 days ago

I hope it is because until now I have some trust into text that is under every video description Reply Report
Old Story

Old Story +2 points1434 days ago

It's the True Reply Report
Big Dave

Big Dave +3 points1495 days ago

Horrible fuckers!! What sickos would do this? Reply Report

Evil-Marvin +2 points1493 days ago

Even if it wasn't the parents, what fucken sick bastard will do this to a inocent little creature? We should burn all those mother fuckers that sell this shit of drugs, so this will not happen to another Baby in the future. Reply Report

Actually +1 points1497 days ago

I've heard of this case before they said it was a baby that was stolen from their parents and they used this baby to transport heroin across the border. Reply Report

sad +1 points1491 days ago

Oh god... Reply Report

Meep +1 points1213 days ago

A doll you could have used a FUCKING doll not a HUMAN BABY you sick motherfuckers god you killed a life that just began Reply Report
boah goah

boah goah   0 points1490 days ago

you enter to heavy-r because you want to see heavy shit -_-' Reply Report
The baby killed for smuggling heroin

The baby killed for smuggling heroin   0 points1480 days ago

Me feel sooooo gooood Reply Report
jimmy saville

jimmy saville   0 points1475 days ago

arsed Reply Report

DISGUSTED -4 points1497 days ago

what kind of sick bastard parents would do such a thing !!!! Reply Report