Asian Teen Abused And Raped

While being held by her captors, a busty Asian teen was abused and eventually raped. Her top was raised at first while the rapist ravaged her big firm tits and took various photos; she was later totally stripped and her pussy was played with and abused.

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really +67 points1699 days ago

You kidnap and play with her tits but don't fuck her -_- you are a disgrace to all fake rape videos
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mike +6 points1613 days ago

would be so much better if a huge cocked fucked her with a monster size head Reply Report

bill +3 points1550 days ago

I want to rape one girl in my life that looks as hot as her I wonder how big my cock will get Reply Report

alpharius   0 points462 days ago

Did you just admit to being prepubescent? Reply Report

tohotsteak   0 points258 days ago

@alpharius why are you one ?

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Suck my D!

Suck my D! +3 points1397 days ago

where is the full video? Reply Report

8========D +2 points1700 days ago

she needs cum inside her Reply Report

Fuckyou +2 points1696 days ago

You are sad little Hong Kong fags that wouldn't really know what to do with a real girl :) Reply Report

cliff +2 points1687 days ago

I'm Chinese from China, this is a real rape, not fake, a famous incident back then Reply Report

Logic +16 points961 days ago

Your a Chinese from China? I didn't know Chinese people come from other countries. Reply Report

mike +2 points1609 days ago

wish some girl rape me lay with my cock and balls but oh nooo its a females world Reply Report

mike +2 points1460 days ago

all then women need a good rape fuck and tit suck Reply Report
Jay Bones

Jay Bones +2 points1127 days ago

She did have some pretty big jugs for an Asian girl.

And yeah, go to all that trouble to strip her but don't end up fucking her? Seems like a waste of time to me.
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koo +2 points440 days ago

I know this is supposed to be awful, but... I really wish I could take her place xD Reply Report

hotyoungcollegegirl016019   0 points291 days ago

Someone please rape me like this Reply Report

Hhjh   0 points727 days ago

Hvb Reply Report

FANOFYOUNGCOCKTEASERS   0 points398 days ago

this kid must have teased their cocks with her big tits, even though shes young. you can tell by the unshaved but surprisingly sparce vagina, and it bulges from her pubescent hips. like the fingers peeling her open. she probably feinted.. should have used both hands to pull lips about properly. Reply Report

youronlypretty   0 points257 days ago

I wish five sexy girls would rape me Reply Report

Litro   0 points98 days ago

That was the lamest fake rape vid ever Reply Report
Your girl\'s true and secret lover

Your girl\'s true and secret lover -1 points276 days ago

Believe me. If I raped her, it wouldn't be rape for long. As soon as she gets pleasure from my dick, she'd want more. She'd be amazed that there are actual men out there that can satisfy her instead of these effeminate, small and limp dick, fag chink sad excuse for males. Even Bruce Lee was part Swedish. You gooks ain't got shit working for you. I enjoy fucking your women here in my country on a weekly basis and I plan to visit these zipperhead countries to go and do the same. These poor women need to know what a real man's dick feels like. It's my civic duty. Reply Report

Spreadherslit -3 points654 days ago

Yum yum Reply Report