Asian Teen Kidnapped And Raped

As this Asian teen was heading to school, she gets kidnapped and abducted by a criminal who put her to sleep in an elevator. He then takes her to his house where her school uniform is stripped off, exposing her tight body and huge natural tits. She is then raped hard, while she is bound in a box, with only her pussy and legs sticking out.

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8========D +78 points1706 days ago

Shut up guys, im still gonna jack off and cum watching this who cares if its fake Reply Report
yur dick is smaller

yur dick is smaller +4 points1705 days ago

8==D more like that Reply Report

pussylover +17 points1706 days ago

fucking japanese, always censoring porn Reply Report
asian cock

asian cock +14 points1705 days ago

This is one of the best rape movie clip...of course it is fake..that why it is fantasy....i love her moan and struggle...truly satisfying though... Reply Report

Censored +10 points1707 days ago

No more censoring!!! Reply Report

Alystaire +10 points1566 days ago

I love how hard he is ramming his meat into her and how she's constantly whining near the end. Reply Report

Alystaire +10 points1566 days ago

It would be perfect without the censoring, and if there had been more guys taking turns with her. Reply Report

SOfuckingHORNY +9 points1545 days ago

Need more like this, got my clit so in less than 3 minutes.
Reply Report

xvioletrosex +8 points1635 days ago

Anyone want to tie me up and use my pussy?? Maybe even invite friends over to unload their hot cum into my little cunt? Reply Report
Can i tie you up and fuck you my insta is jaronand

Can i tie you up and fuck you my insta is jaronand -2 points84 days ago

@ Reply Report

DREAMKILLER -9 points907 days ago

no because you're a gross used up slut! Reply Report

No1daddy +4 points1516 days ago

With pleasure Reply Report

blackvelvet +7 points1449 days ago

I want this done so bad ... plz.... Reply Report

Phooey +5 points988 days ago

I love the way he took a hard thrust into her the first time and then came out and did it again. Sort of like he was hoping to rip her hymen. Reply Report

techpriest35 +5 points1438 days ago

why make porn if your just going tocensor it thats just pointless i wish i could give this a 0 out of five but since 1 is the lowest thats what it gets for being censored Reply Report

techpriest35 +5 points1480 days ago

would be better if it wasnt censored
Reply Report

julieboi88@yah +2 points1426 days ago

a new and improved glory hole sign this sissy up Reply Report
Vicmel Epres

Vicmel Epres +2 points1135 days ago

Anyone know the name of the Jap girl or the company that made this awesome video? Reply Report
Rape me

Rape me +2 points1092 days ago

I so want to be raped every which way.
Reply Report
pixel short cock

pixel short cock +1 points1705 days ago

jap woman moan is fake Reply Report

marky +1 points1676 days ago

yes is nice setup but the censorship is not good like to see her clit all wet ,sometime girl cum even if is real rape Reply Report
doctor sleepy

doctor sleepy +1 points1379 days ago

I love chloroform!! Reply Report

NotMeantToBeSexual +1 points947 days ago

I wish I could still fit in a bag... Reply Report
pycho japs use your tentacles

pycho japs use your tentacles   0 points1705 days ago

give her some of your huge not squid Reply Report
richard smith

richard smith   0 points1705 days ago

fukashima is going to make the japs more bat shit crazy Reply Report

bigfarter   0 points1704 days ago

Great fun!! Reply Report

Abductor888   0 points887 days ago

hot fantasy Reply Report

ellieuk1996   0 points410 days ago

God I would love for someone or a group of men to do this to me Reply Report

WetPinky   0 points142 days ago

This is so fucking hot.. I am all wet watching this and I came 4 times... Reply Report

Fistmeharder77   0 points5 days ago

I wish someone would do this to me! Reply Report

Cocklover1669   0 points32 days ago

Nice Reply Report

8=D   0 points4 days ago

dafa1 Reply Report
school girls

school girls -1 points361 days ago

most school girls are horny and wish to be kidnapped Reply Report

aar -2 points1438 days ago

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HellCanWait   0 points728 days ago

ماذا؟ Reply Report

Debbie87 -2 points1283 days ago

Japanese women are bound to get rape in Japan. Reply Report
Totaly Fake

Totaly Fake -21 points1706 days ago

Fake, first hire a cameraman then set up the scene and then rape,,,um... since when did they hire cameramens? :D Reply Report
Display Name

Display Name +18 points1252 days ago

Of course it's fake. What are you, an idiot? Reply Report