Underwater Japanese Scat Fisting

A hot pair of Japanese teen girl take their scat fetish games underwater. At first, one of them spreads her legs and takes a dump under the water, while the turds float upward. To stimulate her into scatting more, her lesbian partner sticks her fingers in her at first, then goes ahead and gives her a nice fisting.

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kdc43 +11 points1500 days ago

So, THAT'S where the Brown River Trouts comes from!!! Reply Report
Those Japanese

Those Japanese +4 points1498 days ago

You can always count on Japan to make weird and sexy things Reply Report

msmonique +3 points694 days ago

Beautifully shot vid, and extremely interesting to watch, even for a non-scat lover. Being a certified scuba diver myself, this opens a whole new world of interesting possibilities! :D Reply Report

pigfucker +2 points1400 days ago

that is fucking beautiful to watch , better than them nature programmes on the telly Reply Report

brutalspank +2 points1132 days ago

the top sick in the world of jap Reply Report

asdfd +2 points636 days ago

Only in Japan Reply Report

dirtidancinboy   0 points581 days ago

Lol - finally a twist on the typical scat video - she took quite the dump! Reply Report
sin ye ji

sin ye ji   0 points107 days ago

name of vid plz Reply Report

xtreme -1 points1547 days ago

don't disperse that brown juice
Reply Report

guest -1 points1498 days ago

you mean SHIT HOLE Reply Report

max -1 points1503 days ago

@hurrp - want to see that :-) Reply Report

Woof -3 points1498 days ago

My first thoughts "what fish is going to choke on that? WSPA will hate them >_>" Reply Report

hurrp -4 points1547 days ago

i filmed my ex taking a shit under water in the bath tub years ago. may have to convert it from Hi-8 Reply Report

guest -4 points1498 days ago

lol clean pooping XD Reply Report

cantstopwankin -7 points1497 days ago

beautiful to watch! sexy defeacation delivery! Reply Report

Hurrp -9 points1439 days ago

I just masturbated in public Reply Report
Bronson Schumacher

Bronson Schumacher -11 points1314 days ago

If I saw someone doing this I would literally hold their head under the water until they drowned and swim away unnoticed.
You 'scatters' are a bunch of fucked up shit heads'.
I hope you all die of hepatitis or aids.
Reply Report
Penner Lajet

Penner Lajet -8 points1055 days ago

Couldn't agree more Bronson.
WOT a bunch of freaks.
Reply Report