Girl Strangled To Death And Raped

Young girl home alone gets attacked from behind and strangled. The poor dude thinks she is already dead when he starts fucking her she suddenly awakens. He finishes what he should have done right away and suffocates her so he can continue peacefully.

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funbarbie3 +24 points1521 days ago

You know we would do and have done this role and Barbie would be in pantyhose too. Nice struggling and squealing.
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kinky devil

kinky devil +2 points1468 days ago

you should make some vids, that would be so hot Reply Report

BeepBeepBoop +3 points1473 days ago

Should have let her finish
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TheRapist +3 points1469 days ago

I love the position in which he finally snuffed her... with her lying on top of him and his cock inside her... they should have shown her piss leaking out on him as she died Reply Report
Bastard you

Bastard you -2 points1321 days ago

You bastard you, he he he like the title
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Gota rape em all!

Gota rape em all! +3 points599 days ago

Is it wrong to jerk off to this and have pleasure in him fucking her as she's dead and as she's dying cus I did and I enjoyed it! Reply Report

aiisha13 +1 points1521 days ago

Rape her then her lil daughters Reply Report

beedee241 +1 points1522 days ago

Awesome body on that babe! Reply Report

why +1 points1236 days ago

why the fuck would he kill her then fuck her while he can just rape her???????????? Reply Report

Cool   0 points1445 days ago

Near the end I heard scp containment breach music nice touch Reply Report

mtk -3 points1481 days ago

it's sheet! Reply Report

fakelel -5 points1410 days ago

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You’re fucking stupid

You’re fucking stupid   0 points60 days ago

@fakelel ALL of it is fake you damn retard. NONE of this porn is real bc if it was, it’d be fucking ILLEGAL. Fucking dumbass. Reply Report