Mother And Child Shot

Mother and daughter dying in an embrace after being shot in ambush in the back of a taxi cab in Pilar Brazil .

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mad mike

mad mike +45 points1649 days ago

The scum of brazil did not even help this poor infant and mother I hope they all suffer the people who just stood and looked are the cancer of the planet Reply Report

imbatman +10 points1557 days ago

What pisses me off, they all stare gawking and video recording this and while both mother and daughter lay there dying, motherfuckers! i would have done something to help stop the bleeding or whatever man, to just stand there and record like if this was something special to share to your friends and family, is to me disgusting! i would have beaten them fucktards to a bleeding pulp and see how they like being on the floor bleeding, chit man Reply Report
Jack Meoff

Jack Meoff +7 points1537 days ago

Will somebody explain to me, why videos like this are on a porn site? No insults please. Reply Report

Lena11   0 points1361 days ago

Will somebody explain to me, why videos like this should not be on a porn site? No insults please. Reply Report

Cmon +4 points1365 days ago

This was a gore and blood site before it was a porn site; Porn ruined this site in my opinion Reply Report

Damn +2 points1649 days ago

Fuck you whoever shot them Reply Report

Brazilian +2 points1647 days ago

Its all drug wars. She quit the drugs syndicate and she got shot. Reply Report

jj +2 points1645 days ago

that little girl IS SUCH A FREAKIN BADASS Reply Report

sickend +2 points1462 days ago

This is out of order poor fukin child way did they not help the baby why did her mother not pick her up so she could die in her arms im so so angry not even horny anymore
Reply Report

Shlenda +1 points1642 days ago

Both Mother and child could have been saved if it weren't for the disgusting behaviour of everyone on the scene at the time. Reply Report

sad +1 points1649 days ago

Scum bags Reply Report

Crazy +1 points1649 days ago

How can people just stand there and watch?.. I really don't understand.. Reply Report

someone +3 points1522 days ago

because they are humans and humans are a disgusting race Reply Report

hey +1 points1425 days ago

what is this doing here? Reply Report

mercy   0 points1648 days ago

i hope the child and mother survived.......... Reply Report

sadiq   0 points1644 days ago

What on earth r they just looking at.. is it some kind some entertainment she's showing you.. Bunch of Assholes.. Reply Report

jenny   0 points1640 days ago

Are u fucking kidding me really no one even tried to help..omg Reply Report
Mad as hell

Mad as hell   0 points1610 days ago

dame cell phone cameras had destroy common sense to help people
Reply Report

jim   0 points1589 days ago

i say go shoot the bastards who did it Reply Report

homeforloving   0 points1545 days ago

Who believes that grls can be so sick to maturabte about this? Reply Report

ass   0 points1522 days ago

Oh Brazil... Reply Report

Bloople   0 points1174 days ago

The child was moving, she's OK. Reply Report

kike   0 points1128 days ago

no entiendo.. por que solo mirar.. y no hacer nada por ayudar que falta de solidaridad.. con esas personas... Reply Report

Wtf4049   0 points289 days ago

Wtf is this shit this is horrible wtf they need to help them just a lil girl Reply Report

shiit -1 points1286 days ago

They did not help because if they did, they would probably be next ... fucking terrorists! Reply Report
god bless us

god bless us -2 points1595 days ago

at least god protect them long eough thank u god and fuck u who ever shooting them fuck u your life and your life cus u had no reson shoot her and her kid I hope u are in the same sitchuwayshon but die Reply Report

wyty -2 points1418 days ago

this is why we bomb brown people.. Reply Report

mdutroux -3 points573 days ago

i cum manny times on this Reply Report

snake -4 points1649 days ago

This fuckrs looking like horny maggots and what about help for the poor child. This fucking humans are also murders. Reply Report