Father Daughter Incest Sex

This is wrong on all levels.

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Esther +90 points1768 days ago

I wish my daddy could do this to me... I guess sitting on his lap will have to do for now! Reply Report

megameatstick +1 points1457 days ago

Would you video it? Reply Report
I'm Robin

I'm Robin -6 points1752 days ago

Yeah, No, You don't exactly cause that means daddy should go to jail. Reply Report

imbatman +4 points1760 days ago

Um how old are you? seriously lol, Reply Report

naughtygirl +29 points1661 days ago

I would give anything to watch a real father daughter fucking iwould squirt so hard Reply Report

3155665579 +1 points16 days ago

@naughtygirl txt me 3155665579 Reply Report

Dad   0 points3 days ago

@3155665579 how old r u Reply Report

dirtydaddy469   0 points75 days ago

@naughtygirl I'll be your daddy and do it to you. Reply Report
bad kitty

bad kitty +1 points191 days ago

@naughtygirl Me too Reply Report

DadfromIncesthome +1 points1636 days ago

Dam sure would babe Reply Report

sweetcandygirl +22 points826 days ago

i love it when my daddy fucked me when i was younger Reply Report

CravingDad -1 points166 days ago

@sweetcandygirl lucky girl Reply Report

Vicki -7 points674 days ago

This is wrong if he did. Sick sick sick Reply Report

Dad +17 points1707 days ago

My ex-g/f once made my real young daughter suck her daddy and lick his cum out of her pussy. Reply Report

Tasty   0 points410 days ago

That's sounds yummy Reply Report

Dim   0 points594 days ago

have you qwn dau? Reply Report

moonpeach +17 points1720 days ago

Many times I fantasized about my dad coming to visit me in my bedroom at night... Reply Report

no1Daddy +5 points1662 days ago

I would love to watch Reply Report

keridawn88 +16 points1746 days ago

mmmm If only I had a daddy or brother who would have played with me like this Reply Report
Step daddy

Step daddy +8 points945 days ago

I fuck my step daughter at least once a week Reply Report

cuppy   0 points540 days ago

That makes me wet, I loved it when I used to be played with.... I'd cum so hard!! Reply Report

Dadismyhero +7 points732 days ago

A father should always try his daughters pussy first its just the way it should be, dads teach daughters everything its called being a good father Reply Report

3155665579   0 points16 days ago

@Dadismyhero very true Reply Report

Hmmm +6 points1499 days ago

It makes me wonder how many daddys fucked their daughters and DIDN'T video it. Reply Report

cameramaster420 +6 points746 days ago

Id love to find a girl who would like to let me be the older brother and catch's me smelling your panties and spying on you in the shower while your shaving your teen pussy. Would you let me come be the brother who protects you but also you show your love by letting my cock erupt into your perfect pink twat.... Reply Report

imbatman +5 points1747 days ago

I give anything to see the full video of this. Reply Report

Ned +2 points1709 days ago

Same here Reply Report

Ilovehim +5 points712 days ago

I love that my dad already does this to me Reply Report

Oneprincessbaby +2 points391 days ago

Hmmm I wanna see a real daddy duck his little girl Reply Report

3155665579   0 points16 days ago

@Oneprincessbaby my dick looks so huge laying across my little girls pussy...it would never fit inside her tho....just a lot of oral both ways Reply Report
Big dick daddy

Big dick daddy   0 points373 days ago

I have a big dick and love showing off to any young and been trying to seduce my step daughter Reply Report

she\'sthebest   0 points680 days ago

its so hot and different feel for both, i fuck my daughter 3 nights a week when wife at work night shift. she gets very horny when i cum inside her Reply Report
Lucky dad40

Lucky dad40 +4 points309 days ago

There is nothing wrong with incest, we all mother's and father's should teach our kids, I have been teaching my daughter for many years, and the younger you teach them the bigger the bond. Reply Report

CravingDad   0 points166 days ago

I agree wish my dad would fuck me @Lucky dad40 Reply Report

Creampie101 +3 points963 days ago

What a lucky father! I wanted to see him cum in her pussy! I wonder if she has any brothers. I would love to be her brother and waiting my turn to blow my load deep inside her pussy! Reply Report

smils +3 points653 days ago

my daughter loved me fucking her and cumming in her when she was young and for a long time
Reply Report

buckongehanon +2 points1593 days ago

I would love to fuck my step-daughter! Reply Report
Fuck off

Fuck off +2 points637 days ago

I read all of this and I wish I had a shotgun and find out everyone's address,I'd make you visit....just to send you to hell,that'd really made me wet,blood and brain everywhere cause people like you deserve to live Reply Report
dave g

dave g -1 points154 days ago

why are you on this site it if offends Reply Report
daddy\'s girl

daddy\'s girl +1 points158 days ago

i would fuck my dad with a cock like that Reply Report
Kik me

Kik me   0 points1418 days ago

Disenchanted09 Reply Report
Not my Favorite

Not my Favorite   0 points1304 days ago

My favorite is the one where he's fucking her in a vehicle and saying how he wished he could fuck her pussy more often. Reply Report

brofucker   0 points852 days ago

Are these the same ones as the car? Reply Report

sallymay   0 points747 days ago

I wish daddy would fuck me like this Reply Report

whosyourdaddy   0 points622 days ago

I would Fuck you any day! Reply Report

Dim   0 points594 days ago

shame!,,my dau is a whore(( Reply Report

CravingDad   0 points166 days ago

What a good daughter wish my dad would cumm in my pussy Reply Report

Dirtylilgirl   0 points204 days ago

I would of loved for my dad to have fucked my teen pussy bt he was never around Reply Report
your daddy

your daddy   0 points27 days ago

I will fuck fuck you baby
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Selenakyle   0 points191 days ago

It’s not too late
Shave your pussy bald and go get daddy to slide it in
Reply Report

Dadloveschelsea   0 points145 days ago

I’d love nothing more than to do this with my daughter. I’d love to cum deep in her. If only she was into incest :-( Reply Report

smilsalot   0 points51 days ago

my daughter loved the first time i ate her bare smooth pussy so yung and so hot ,, and sliding inside her , and filling her with my cum Reply Report

Janelay   0 points13 days ago

@smilsalot I would have loved it as your daughter too. Reply Report

3155665579   0 points16 days ago

@smilsalot good daddy wanna swap txt me Reply Report

Freak -1 points1515 days ago

I masturbate everyday thinking about fucking my sister in her before cummin in her ass and I have a very big dick and she knows it + I'm black. Reply Report

Daughterrapist -1 points152 days ago

Mmm this is exactly how i fuck my horny little cockslut daughter
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