I Spit On Your Grave 2 Rape Scenes

Compilation of ALL Rape-scenes from the actual, already notorious 'I spit on ur Grave Part2' Flick!

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somegal +29 points1733 days ago

Download this quickly - before any sleazoid shyster comes on the idea, that You shouldnt! ;) Reply Report

Ima +22 points1706 days ago

Does the sound keeping going off and on for anyone else? Reply Report
OG loc Crocodilllmaster

OG loc Crocodilllmaster +3 points1477 days ago

It does for me too.
In fact, It does it for EVERYONE.
Don't worry about "Somegal"
He's just some "Shyster" who's in his own little world, doesn't give a damn what you think/say unless it's praising him for his shitty effort.
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Ryanda Cornelissen

Ryanda Cornelissen +19 points722 days ago

This gets my cunt so wet. I want that so bad mmmm Reply Report

srsly +17 points1733 days ago

Rape with no sound? What's the fucking point?! Reply Report

Danny +17 points1558 days ago

Although it's fake the fact that this really happens in this world is sick. Reply Report
this is so fucked up

this is so fucked up +4 points1199 days ago

ikr... i came to get turned on but instesd i feel sick to my stomach Reply Report

Marc +12 points1733 days ago

This is one of the best rape vids I have seen. The acting is very realistic. Thanks for uploading this, Somegal. Reply Report

kam +8 points1514 days ago

pathetic man... i can't even masturbate after watching this Reply Report

unspoken +7 points1289 days ago

i'm a girl, and i have no problem getting laid. But i just wanna be raped Reply Report

known -7 points1234 days ago

were you live
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fayolin +6 points593 days ago

Even though the sound keeps cutting out on this clip I really do love these films. Scenes like this don't do anything for me unless the woman is really trying to fight. Oh god and when the man smirks at you *shudders*. I know it's wrong but it really does turn me on.

The scene in that french film is really good as well but I can't remember the name?

Fay X
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hornyslut +4 points1521 days ago

I think I love this way too much! Reply Report
Uh Oh

Uh Oh +4 points1486 days ago

Her name is Camille Keaton, and I believe she is the granddaughter of Buster Keaton...no shit. Reply Report

Me +4 points1149 days ago

Audio is all messed up on this video, it keeps cutting out. Reply Report

IlovetoRapeu +3 points1649 days ago

It's molesting Time! Reply Report

Bull +1 points1459 days ago

What is wrong with the fucking sound! Reply Report

sfdfds +1 points826 days ago

I thought I wanted to see realistic acting... but I now I just feel sick Reply Report

Girlwholikesrape +1 points101 days ago

Wish this was me. Just not the blood and killing parts lol
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kinny   0 points1484 days ago

whats her nameļ¼Ÿ Reply Report

somegal   0 points1475 days ago

ONE MILLION Video-views - TY All!! :)) Reply Report

Nunyabidnis   0 points783 days ago

Yjhh Reply Report
Men who like this !!

Men who like this !!   0 points549 days ago

The rape part was awesome I so wet so fast but the rest is just sad wtf did she do to anyone to get all of that fuck you men who are writing she deserved that come to me with that shit my man will kill you all !! Pussy ass men !! I hope you don't have a daughter or sister or mother or wife the way you all think SICK !! Reply Report

godzilla013   0 points133 days ago

I enjoyed it, but the ending goes a bit far for my taste.... Reply Report

Rob -1 points1613 days ago

Idiot Reply Report

somegal -1 points1732 days ago

Uhm... ur sure Dear, ye landed on the correct site?! :) Reply Report
GetRekt (or Get Gud)

GetRekt (or Get Gud)   0 points1477 days ago

Get "ye" head outta "ye" ass... Reply Report
Released felon

Released felon -1 points439 days ago

The two things I would do after I raped a bitch was take a shower then get shit faced drunk Reply Report

somegal -2 points1704 days ago

Sound is not perfect, admittingly - but pls dont 4get i made this compilation myself 4U all, and had to tape several movie-pieces apart and together... Reply Report
Quads4QuadsSquad (DaGoonIsBack)

Quads4QuadsSquad (DaGoonIsBack) +3 points1477 days ago

You should've left the sound on..... Damn rookies... Reply Report

somegal -3 points1733 days ago

@Marc - MP Dear :) - and i agree, this is fuckin' good rape... plus an xtraordinary goodlooking actress!

@Srsly - "No sound" ?! Guess you 4got to switch ur PC-speakers on! :D
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OPOPOPOP +3 points1477 days ago

You're fucking delusional. Reply Report

zakalwe2 -3 points1733 days ago

Very good :) Reply Report

6969 -3 points1441 days ago

I'll do that to you lol Reply Report
potent pervert

potent pervert -4 points1453 days ago

The sound sucked and saw no cunt Reply Report

15YearsYoungHey -7 points1293 days ago

Gimme ur numbers Reply Report

???? -7 points1614 days ago

What is the name of the movie? Reply Report

gohan +5 points1611 days ago

i spit on your grave 2 it says it in the description Reply Report

Man -11 points1140 days ago

Nice video! Too bad it's not real life. Women deserve nothing more than what she got. Fucked and beaten because she bitched about it. Reply Report

Idiot +4 points807 days ago

You obviously can't get laid. Reply Report
Sean Douglas

Sean Douglas -2 points967 days ago

My kinda guy! I agree totally Reply Report

Seraph -22 points1732 days ago

Although this may be a film, it is unfortunately very real in this new aged world, the end is near!
Would you like to have your sister or mother being raped? Live life as a proper human being as what God intended, defend the defenceless, help the poor, have respect, peace and serenity for each other, let's wipe off all evil, and bad off this lovely world God has given us PEACE.
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That Guy

That Guy +8 points1621 days ago

dude....we all know we are going to hell...we don't need you to tell us Reply Report
you dumbass

you dumbass +14 points1199 days ago

HAHA!!! Bruh..... wtf??? You searched up porn to preach about God? The fact that you are here is a pretty big hint that you are not squeaky clean... Reply Report