Sister Fucking Her Boyfriend

Bastard brother spying on his sister fucking her boyfriend in the livingroom.

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Anon +4 points1776 days ago

Jesus, does she shut up? Reply Report

Creampie101 -2 points972 days ago

Can't blame her brother for spying on her. She's extremely sexy. I wonder how many times her brother has wanked off to this video wishing that it was his dick inside his sister instead of that dudes. If I was her brother I would let her catch me watching this and playing with myself and when she confronted me I would tell her that I want the real thing or I'm telling mom and dad and showing them the video. I would tell her that she needed to call her boyfriend over again and let me hide and watch her fuck him while I'm hiding in her closet playing with myself and that she had to let him cum inside her. I would tell her that she has to tell him to leave as soon as he gets done and that she is not allowed to move off the bed or put any clothes on or even wipe her pussy off. As soon as her boyfriend walked out the door I would be so horny from watching and jacking off knowing that I will have her as soon as he's gone that I would already be throbbing and leaking and right at the edge of blowing my load. I would come out of the closet with my pre cum slick, painfully ready to explode dick in my hand and climb on the bed, put my leaking head just inside her freshly fucked cum filled little pussy, wrap one arm behind her neck and the other arm under her leg and lift it up for deeper access and in one huge thrust as hard as I could, sink my dick into my sister as deep as I could and ( Never pulling out at all ) keep myself buried inside her pushing harder and harder trying to get as deep as I possibly could inside her cum filled pussy before I would finally feel my climax build to the point of no return and I would give one last hard thrust trying to penetrate her cervix opening I would finally be extremely still and let her feel her brothers dick swelling and swelling until she felt the pulses and throbs as I held myself deep inside her pushing into her cervix and my cum blasted into her cervix opening and was being pumped straight into her young womb. After my balls were completely drained I would pull out of her and tell her that every single time she has sex with anyone she is to come straight to me and let me fuck her as soon as possible after she has sex with them. No matter who she has fucked. I want my load to be the last load inside her! Reply Report

Versace19g   0 points699 days ago

Nice, I listened to my sister getting fucked a few times (2 different guys) and think would be hot to watch Reply Report

Daddyswhore   0 points722 days ago

Damn, that's fucking hot! Reply Report

Erm   0 points945 days ago

Wtf Reply Report